Key Functions of Airlines

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Airlines are no more used by the rich. Now they have become Essential for the modern day of transportation system the objective of this topic is to make the student aware of it operation and also its management. .From outside to a passenger it seems a very simple means of transport but its operation and management it an absolute professional and it requires highly professional approach. This module has been planned to learn the air carriers’ planning and its operational needs

Over view

The overview of this course is to give the future managers an inside view of Airlines management which is spread to various, functions, department and sub department. It is also deal with the various key functions and also the support functions of the air carriers.

This Module has been divided into the following chapters

1 Airlines functional activities

This chapter covers the function of the airlines and its product. It also studies the main operating department their function and also the other associated departments which are essential for the smooth operation It also covers the airport functions pertaining to commercial and technical activities.

2. The structure of the airlines industry This chapter deals with the growth and regulation of this Industry. Major and national carriers, regional carriers their growth and roles 3 Planning optimization This chapter explains the networking of the airlines and its components of. How it is useful in the schedule planning 4 Flight Scheduling This chapter explains the schedule which is the result of planning department effort in preparing the flight

5 Aircraft routing This chapter explain how the aircraft are routed after the flight schedule has been

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