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When it comes to nail files, one size DOES NOT fit all, you need to have several different grades of files and buffers. That's why we carry files with abrasive qualities from 80 grit all the way to 360 grit. Often, you will use more than one single grit file for a single treatment. All technicians should be able to finish a treatment using the correct and safe techniques that leave the clients nails looking good. Cutting corners and bad technique will result in a poor finish.

As a technician you will use files and buffers during:
Gel enhancements,
Acrylic enhancements,
Silk or fibre glass
Nail art application.

It is important that you understand the grading of files and buffers, using the correct grade of file for the treatment, will ensure you achieve the best finish. Filing is so important to nail appearance, and with the arrival of electric files, the techniques for hand-filing can be easily forgotten. Excellent hand-filing skills can help a competition tech stand out form their peers, while everyday techs can entice clients with a skilful hand and light touch.

Health & Safety
Almost all technicians, 92.8% (HSE RR627, Health & Safety in Nail Salons) use both files and buffers and generally these are reused on more than one client. The most common way of cleaning these tools is to use sanitising fluid or spray. After every use an abrasive file or buffer must be thoroughly cleaned by manually brushing with a clean and disinfected brush or by other adequate methods to remove all visible debris. The sides of foam cushioned buffers, blocks or other abrasives should also be brushed after each use. After proper cleaning abrasives files, buffers and blocks are best disinfected by immersing in (or saturating with) 70-90% isopropyl or ethyl alcohol for 5 minutes. Any porous (absorbent) file or buffer that comes into contact with broken, damaged, infected skin or nails must be properly disposed of immediately, in...
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