Bio 156 Lab 1
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1. Describe the function of the following pieces of safety equipment and how each might be used: (10 points)
a. Eye Wash (2 points)
The eyewash fountain is used to rinse chemical splashes off the eyes. They are used by rinsing the eyes 15 to 30 minutes with water.
b. Fire Blanket (2 points)
Fire blankets are used to extinguish small fires. They are used by covering the small fires with the blankets until it extinguishes.
c. Shower (2 points)
Safety showers were made to eliminate any fire or chemical spills on the body. They are used by standing underneath the shower and turning it on for 15 to 30 minutes.
d. Chemical Spill Kit (2 points)
Chemical Spill Kits are used eliminate any chemical spills. If there is an acid spill you use a base to control it and clean up, if it’s a base spill you use an acid to clean up and throw away in a chemical container.
e. Biological Spill Solution (2 points)
Biological Spill Solution is used to control any Biological organism in a container where they are stored and should be handled with extreme care.
2. Briefly describe a situation when each of the following waste disposal containers would be used and give examples of the waste involved: (4 points)
a. Broken Glass Container (2 points)
Broken glass containers would be used whenever there is broken glass or to discard coverslips. For example if I am measuring liquid and drop the graduated cylinder then the glass should be discarded in the broken glass container. Thermometers should never be thrown away in this container.
b. Biological Hazards Materials Container (2 points)
Biological hazards material container would be used when discarding any organism that was used for example human blood that was used in a test or animal blood.
3. Metric Measurements: Perform each of the following conversions. (24 points)
a. Given that one inch = 2.54 cm. State the student's height in inches and then convert to centimeters. (4 points)
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