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Topics: Chemistry, National Fire Protection Association, NFPA 704 Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: January 16, 2013

1. What safety equipment is available to you while you do your experiments? How far are they from you while you are conducting your experiments? This includes fire extinguishers, phones, showers, etc.

The safety equipment that I have access to while performing my experiments are as follows; shower, fire alarms and a telephone. They are all within ten feet from where the experiment will take place.

2. What is an MSDS?

MSDS is a document that is required by Osha’s “Hazard Communication” for all existing chemicals that are currently sold.

3. What can make glassware unusable?

Glassware is unusable in an experiment when it is chipped, broken, or cracked.

4. When should you wear goggles in the lab?

You should wear safety goggles at all time.

5. How long should you wash your eyes if you get a chemical in them?

If you have contact with chemicals in your eye, it should be rinsed for ten minutes.

6. What should you do if your clothing catches on fire?
If your clothes should catch on fire during your experiment, you should use the safety shower if you have one. Otherwise, stop-drop-roll and yell or use a fire blanket.

7. How should you heat the liquid in a test tube to a temperature less than 100 C?

If you are heating liquid in a test tube to a temperature less than 100 degrees. You should use a test tube holder, clamp and hot water.

What do the following symbols mean?

________________ _________________ _______________ ______________

9. What does each of the small diamonds in the NFPA fire diamond mean?

Blue- Health section
Red- Flammability
Yellow- Reactivity
White- Special condition

10. Why should you remove jewelry prior to entering the lab for an experiment?

Jewelry should always be removed prior to an experiment. Rings can trap the chemical that...
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