Manicure: Wrist and Nail

Topics: Nail, Skin, Inflammation / Pages: 10 (2480 words) / Published: Jan 23rd, 2013
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1. Contents page 2. Task A Positioning if the therapist and the client during the treatment Carrying out a nail and skin analysis 3. Using the correct products, tools, equipment and techniques 4. Completing client records correctly Completing the treatment to the satisfaction of the client 5. Task B Prevent 6. Restrict 7. Task C Functions of the skin 8. Function of the blood Function of the lymphatic system Function of the bones 9. Action of the muscles of lower arm and hand 10. Nail diagram 11. Skin diagram 12. Lymphatic system diagram 13. Cardiovascular system diagram 14. Skeletal system diagram 15. Muscular system diagram

Information been used for this assignment been taken from my notes and textbook, Jane Hiscock Frances Lovett Beauty Therapy Level 2 3rd edition

Task 1A

1.Positioning if the therapist and the client during the treatment
It is very important for a effective treatment that: * Both the nail technician and the client are in a comfortable position, so they are at the same height for the treatment. * Only use chairs that give adequate back support. * The station is at waist height. * Both the client and the nail technician are able to get their knees under the manicure area. * If the nail technician cannot place their feet on the floor when working, a foot rest has to be provided. * Both client and nail technician are centrally facing each other, therefore prevent against unnecessary stretching or strain. * The station should be placed away from direct sunlight to prevent discomfort and product reactions.

2.Carrying out a nail and skin analysis
Before carrying out a manicure service, it is necessary to assess the condition of the clients

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