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Topics: Manicure, Informed consent, Nail Pages: 3 (536 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Provide and Maintain Nail enhancements
Task 1A

Positioning of the nail technician and the client during the service

It is important for the nail technician as well as the client to be properly positioned throughout the service so that the treatment is as effective as possible. Both the technician and the client should be of the same height throughout the treatment. Ensure the workstation is of relevant height and use height adjustable chairs with a good back support. This is to prevent over stretching. Both should have an elbow rest pad and should be centrally facing each other ,also to prevent unnecessary stretching or strain. The desk should be positioned away from direct sunlight to prevent discomfort and interfere with products I.e. UV gel. Technicians should practice regular stretching exercises and should store all objects between knee and shoulder height. Neck and back problems may occur if not positioned correctly. Unnecessary strain will make the task harder to carry out resulting in an unpleasant experience for the client and a poor quality of work. You may also injure the client.

Carrying out a nail and skin analysis

An effective client consultation will help to determine the correct treatment plan to suit the clients needs, and identify possible contra-indications or restrictions to the service. Some things you should take into consideration are- Skin type and condition

Nail type, shape and condition
any contra-indications
any factors that would affect nail growth
If any contra-indications are found But medical permission cannot be obtained, clients must sign an informed consent form stating that the treatment and its affects have been fully explained to them and confirm that they are willing to proceed without permission from their GP.

Using the correct products, tools, equipment and techniques

The importance of selecting the correct tools, equipment and technique is based upon the clients consultation. Once the...
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