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Topics: Augustus, Roman Republic, Julius Caesar Pages: 2 (857 words) Published: October 8, 2014
1. People have there own beliefs whether Brutus was a patriot a or betrayer. My beliefs were that Brutus was a betrayer. Throughout my research I found some unexpected results about Brutus. Brutus was never a nice guy. Brutus had negativity toward every bit of Caesar and also jealousy. Brutus back stabbed Caesar just like the others who back stabbed Caesar as will. Other believe Brutus was a good man to Caesar. Idea Development.

2., 3. Brutus was a betrayer throughout the scene, Brutus was jealous and always had something negative to say about Caesar. Brutus didn't really have a positive attitude towards Caesar until he was going to become emperor of Rome. What kind of a “friend” says your not good enough for something? Brutus is that kind of friend. Brutus was cruel to Caesar. Brutus back stabbed Caesar. Brutus is more convince to be betrayer. Caesar was never a bad person Brutus nor to the other people who back stabbed him. Caesar was a friend who offered Brutus for help as he was emperor of Rome. Brutus was only a friend a good friend in the beginning of the story. Brutus only pretended to be he's friend because he wanted to find out everything about Caesar's knowledge as becoming emperor of Rome. Brutus would put words in Caesar's mouth. Brutus was lying to Rome and he's people. Throughout the whole scene Brutus treated Caesar like if Caesar had every back stabbed Brutus. After Caesar's death, Brutus had no emotional feelings until the ghost of Caesar appeared. Convincing himself that he was the best for Rome. In conclusion, Brutus thought he was doing the right thing for Rome and he's people but only made matters worst , Brutus had everything to do with Caesars death. And now he will have to face the consequences. Brutus felt guilty about Caesar's death. Now Rome doesn't have an emperor. 4. Body paragraph numer 2. The claiming part of the the essay could use more support and can add more argument to it....
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