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Field Trip Should Not Be Removed

By mariesventurillo Apr 17, 2013 904 Words

Maries Imee M. Venturillo

Palawan State University
College of Teacher Education

Title: No to the Removal of Field trip

Thesis statement: I am writing about keeping field trip in the curriculum of the schools and I am going to argue, show and prove that field trip should remain the curriculum by stating: the integration of field trip to teaching program, field trip as the ground of oral communication, studies about scientific exploration in field trips and as classroom extension. -------------------------------------------------

Students remember most of their experiences rather than the lessons they have learned during their school days. So, it is not a surprise of having field trips in school curriculum. Field trip aims to aggravate and support the educational program. Therefore, it should be reasonably provided for all students. There are many issues regarding field trips. Many suggest about its removal; some are in favor but some are anti. However, if this issue is addressed and informed to the public, they will see how important field trip is. I am writing about keeping field trip in the curriculum of the schools and I am going to argue, show and prove that field trip should remain the curriculum by stating: the integration of field trip to teaching program, field trip as the ground of oral communication, studies about scientific exploration in field trips and as classroom extension.

“Field trips should be integrated into teaching program (Griffin, 1994).” They suggested that teachers need to use plans that will reflect informal teaching methods rather than use of formal classroom methods which are the main focus of their training. Teachers behold that this kind of activity aggravates students’ understanding of the process included and also enhance students’ attitudes toward the subject matter and in the classroom as well. Furthermore, teachers have also seen that having field trips are potent pedagogy which they prefer to use both more often and effectual. In addition, most teachers assumed to be capable of adapting their teaching to participate students in small group but much of it is passing worksheets after field trip.

Excursions or field trips are used as the ground of oral communication. Therefore, many find that it is a convincing way to make sure that the students having field trip are extracting the data or information. In addition, students can also have interactive learning through asking questions and discussing it to the other students to understand the matter fully. However, discussions of students should be regulated because this may cause noise that will distract other students. It may also involve in a class discussion wherein after the field trip they can print ideas or what is the implication of what they conducted to them. Therefore, students’ best learn while hearing and discussing things, and field trips can provide the students’ need in learning.

Studies have shown that obligating students in scientific exploration may have a difficulty in class. However, if students are brought out of the classroom, scientific exploration often appears naturally. Therefore, these students are tactual learners that learn best through manipulating things. Bringing students at a science center or in historical museum accompanied by a hands-on staff, children will probably be excited to learn from someone or something new rather than in printed books. Therefore, if field trips are eliminated, students that do not learn well in scientific exploration in the classroom may decline interest in a particular subject.

Making field trip as a classroom extension is also an effective way. Tests and classrooms may not be effective for some children; field trips give every student at the same level. Students often ask the importance of topic they study in class. However, if you will take them to places where your topic is related they will know what it’s like. Teachers assumed that students are highly benefited on field trips and most students wanted to go on field trip. For many teachers, the main focus why they want to take field trips are learning new experiences and giving students a real picture of what is available outside their school. Moreover, getting out of a classroom to learn is good for some students. They want to see the real world other than the classroom. Students often see a field trip a free day out of the classroom. However, students will likely have an educational experience that they never could have had in the classroom.

Field trips are important way for students to perform skills they have learned into action. Field trips are only naïve tasks, but they teach students a lot of beneficial things in life that they will be needed in their future workplace. However, the enthusiasm of the teachers for field trip varied from highly enthusiastic to disillusioned. Therefore, these issues should be addressed in schools. The most powerful memories are those we have experienced. In addition, learning in new environments can provide challenges for more individualize learning. The learning is experienced rather than taught. Therefore, field trips should not be removed in the school curriculum.

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