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F - Boredom is an emotional state experienced when an individual is left without anything in particular to do, and not interested in their surroundings. K - Boredom is listening to a teacher drag on about something you don’t understand. O - Boredom is listening to a teacher drag on about something that the teacher doesn’t even understand. P - Boredom is learning about the culture, the environment, the democracy of a country you know nothing about, because you have not experienced it yourself. O - Boredom is exactly what we’re trying to prevent. Put yourself in the pupil’s shoes, and think back to when you listened to a teacher droning on, as the information went in one ear and out the other ear. You stared out the window, desperately waiting for the torture to stop, so you can reply to that message, or get something from the Tuck Shop. F - What better way to experience a country than to visit it? This is an incredibly modern form of teaching, as it is not in the typical classroom environment, but out and about in the vibrant, colorful and historical country of Senegal! K - Now don’t fill your minds with thoughts of costs, and safety and all the traits that the black thinking hat encourages you to consider. We’ve got it all figured out! P - We have put together a plan of exactly how this trip can be spent with twenty teenage students studying any subject, and two responsible teachers, with the emphasis of education, new experiences, culture, religion, poverty, democracy and service. O - The trip will be planned for the 9th of August with SAA, until the 19th of August, lasting ten days and not one day will be wasted! It is a nine hour flight costing R9245 including airport tax. All in all the costs of the there and back flight will be a total of R203390. F- Touch down in Dakar, the capital and largest city in Senegal. Today, Dakar is a sprawling, lively cosmopolitan city. Modern buildings stand side by side with impressive colonial architecture and bustling markets on many streets. K - Senegal is 2 hours behind Johannesburg. The group will be landing at approximately one in the morning local time. They will luckily have plenty of time to sleep off the jetlag as the hotel is only 12 minutes away from the airport. Sept – place taxis are the safest mode of transport and are easily found outside all departure halls at the Dakar Airport. P - Prices can easily be negotiated with the taxi drivers, and I assure you that they will be incredibly cheap. Remember that one South African Rand is the equivalent of 50,38 CFA Franc. The hotel is called L’Hotel du Phare, and is located in a quiet and safe residential area, only 500m from the beach. O - The cost per room is R493, and seeing as six people can fit into one room you will only need 6 rooms, which will cost you a total of R14790 for six nights. We advise each student to bring between R100 and R200 pocket money per day for meals, and any extra expenses necessary. F - Next, we will be presenting you with a plan that we have put together representing what we feel would be the best way to space out the various sights and activities over the ten days in Senegal.

K - DAY 1 – Saturday 10th August
P - After the group has slept off the jetlag they can get ready for the taste of new experiences that will greet them outside the hotel door. After breakfast, travel for 20 minutes to the flea market called Marche Sandaga. It’s vibrant, colourful and full of life. The endless sprawl of street stalls offer anything and everything, from fruits to fabrics. This market will bring out the traditional African life of Senegal. O -15 minutes away from the market, is the beautiful Mosque de la Divinite. The mosque is a representation of the Islam religion, which is extremely prominent in Senegal and has been present since the 11th century as 89% of the population is Muslim. The Mosque is perched on the coast near Les Mamelles beach which is in walking distance from the hotel. (five minutes...
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