Cda Competency Goal 1

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Competency Goal 1
To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment Functional Area 1:
Safety is one of the most important aspects of the task given to an educator. My main concern is that the trust and respect is fulfilled daily while making sure a child is not injured in the given environment. Daily tasks must include a thorough cleanup of the classroom, making sure all loose furniture, accessories and electrical appliances are covered when not in use. All chemicals, utensils, and school supplies should be in collaboration with indoor rules including loose or locked gates, loose playground equipment and making sure clothing is secure during playtime. The child’s safety allows consistent development within the classroom. Functional Area 2:

Maintaining a healthy classroom is of extreme importance. Encouraging children’s parents to keep unhealthy kids at home so possible infections won’t occur is truly significant. When child displays signs of illness, immediate phone call needs to be made for pickup. Providing a healthy and nutritious variety of snacks and lunches is essential for the child. Once the school year begins, it is required for me to send a list of healthy foods and snacks home. Modeling proper snack behavior is needed. Teaching students proper hand washing techniques for each meal and bathroom time helps them understand the concepts better. Functional Area 3:

Learning Environment is crucial in the academic development process. A classroom must maintain a suitable amount of learning materials at all times for students to read at any point. The average classroom should have a setup of centers to help build an encouraging demeanor to participate in. Spacing within the classroom setting is required in order for the child to truly explore the surrounding areas. The outside environment should be a learning experience also. Nature walks allow the student to explore diverse objects and sounds. If there are no drastic weather situations, a...
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