Festivals- National Waste?

Topics: National Day, Democracy, Republic Day Pages: 4 (1363 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Celebrations are integral part of our life, no matter whether it is private or public. However, some people feel that public celebrations are not useful and a mere wastage of time and money, others oppose. I feel that, there are so many reasons to give importance to public celebrations in our busy schedule of life.

To begin with, celebrating national days gives us an opportunity to honor and remember the person or incident behind it. New generation will come to know the importance of these national heroes and the honoring is passing into new generation. Furthermore, these celebrations inspire to read and understand what they did for the country or community. It may further influence the younger people and guide them to right direction. For instance, while celebrating the Independence Day both children and adult remembering the heroes who sacrifice their life in the freedom fight.

Secondly, it is an occasion of get together. People from different parts of the country, state or even family come together. For instance, for celebrating Christmas not only families live apart, but also, the people of the whole community gathering in the churches. These celebrations leave an unforgettable memory in minds of the participants. Additionally, it helps to strengthen old relations and make new one. Mingling of different age groups, culture and social status enrich the knowledge and outlook.

Lastly, these great occasions are beneficial to exhibit the tradition of a country or a community. Practice is the best way to protect a culture from extinction. Besides, it provides a chance for the young generation to understand and follow their traditional values and styles. During these celebrations, people are usually wearing their traditional dresses and enjoying customary foods. Moreover, it will be wonderful experience for people those who are not familiar with these traditional practices. Some of the festivals are of international attention, attracts tourists, and thereby...
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