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Topics: Sociology, History of sport, Gender Pages: 4 (1148 words) Published: May 3, 2015
Soc/Anthro 161-01
Sociology of Sport
Spring 2015
Midterm assignment
Joel Hernandez

The basic definition of Sociology is the study of societies and how societies work, how people interact in societies, and how society and culture affect each other. I think that we talk a lot about sports in terms of what specifically happens during sports games. We talk about what sports do you like to play and watch but we don't always talk about what sports mean to us. Why do we watch sports? Why are sports important in societies? Why are certain sports more popular than other sports in certain societies? I think these are questions that we don't explore often enough as we should, which is why Sociology of Sports should be offered by the Sociology/ Anthropology Department on a regular basis.

As you may figure out there are a lot of things which we've learned from playing and watching sports. Sports teach us a lot of important life lesson, so sports can affect our culture but in turn our culture also affects our sports and it's important to consider that sport sometimes reflect inequalities and culture. They reflect problems in culture but at the same time they also reflect good things about culture.

Sports are not only something entertaining to watch on TV, sports are in fact very important because they teach us a lot of things and they also reflect a lot about our society. Sports are important and exist as something we do because sports are careers for many people, it

it's something shown on TV all the time, throughout the entire year. Have you ever wonder why fifty-million plus people tune in to watch the Super Bowl annually, or why every four years the Olympics are held and we hold that ceremony at such a high pedestal? That is not only because it is apart of our culture but because those events bring in bank. And what is more important to us than money? Sports are very vital to our societies economy. Millions are spent on athletes, arenas, stadiums, sponsorships...
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