Identifying the Role of Festivals, Oral Traditions in Music, Distinct National Dances Such as That of the Meo, Traditional Theatre of Cheo, Fine Arts and Literature Such as the Famous 3000 Verse Epic Kieu by Nguyen Du (1766-1820).

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Identifying the role of festivals, oral traditions in music, distinct national dances such as that of the Meo, traditional theatre of cheo, fine arts and literature such as the famous 3000 verse epic Kieu by Nguyen Du (1766-1820).


Lunar new year (TET)

- Is the most important festivals for Vietnamese people
- Celebrated between late January and February
- Homeland festival which continues for a week or more
- They indulge in eating, drink and social activities
- Reunion between family including ancestors
- Opportunities for household genies to meet
- Opportunities for deceased ancestors to come back for a family reunion . - The point of this festival is no matter where they are or what their circumstances are family members find a way to come back and meet their loved ones, gather for a dinner of traditional foods e.g. banh chung, xoi gac and mang .

Oral traditions in music

- Vietnamese lullaby songs: are sorts of folk music often heard in Vietnam, epescially in the country side. They use not only to lull small children to sleep also to express human feelings e.g. homesickness - Quan Ho Bac Ninh: are a folk song that is a rich and beautiful storehouse of the people and has a long lasting history. During all its existence successful creations have unceasingly changed the type of folk song and therefore this remains untouched and traditional.

Distinct national dances

- Much of Vietnamese theatre and music are intertwined with each other as well as with Vietnamese dance. -  Traditional dances are performed and cherished in all regions of the country. - The dances reflect a broad spectrum of Vietnamese life, including seasonal festivals and celebrations, history, myths, customs and daily activities. - Vietnamese dance is a graceful, elegant, smoothly flowing dance form. Dancers act out their roles using graceful movements and facial expressions to communicate a wide...
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