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Federalists Advantages

By milangonzalez808 Sep 30, 2013 417 Words

Federalists Advantages
Federalists had several advantages in promoting the Constitution over the anti-federalists. The Federalists were for the Constitution because they wanted a more conservative government, where as the anti-federalists were against it because they didn't want the government to be in control of everything. George Washington, the first president of the United States, was one of many of the advantages the Federalists had over the Anti-Federalists. For starters, he was a supporter of the Federalists party, and the people trusted him. They admired his fairness, and thought of him as a hero because he survived the Revolutionary War without being shot once. He was seen as the greatest hero and was very respected from the public. In 1786, Washington saw the chaos erupting from Shay's Rebellion, and he said, "something has to be done". He took action for the people's sake, and they admired him for that, making him a huge advantage in promoting the Constitution over the Anti-Federalists. The Federalists also showed unity from within their group. They already had a plan in mind, and that was the Constitution. As for the Anti-Federalists, they all agreed on being against the Constitution, but they didn't have a plan to take it down. The Federalist groups were generally from the same area, so meeting times were easier to coordinate. Many of the Anti-Federalists lived within great distance from each other, so meeting at a national level was unlikely or rare. This was also a great advantage because this meant that they had more time to think thoroughly about the Constitution, making people feel more encouraged. Lastly, there was a widespread feeling that the Articles of Confederation was a serious flaw. The controversy with the Articles was that each state had only one vote in Congress, and nine out of the thirteen states had to agree in order for it to be passed. The nation had a vast economic problem, Shay's Rebellion was happening, and something desperately needed to be done. The Federalists used these flaws to promote the Constitution. The Federalists advantages in promoting the constitution over the Antifederalists were understandable. Our nation at the time wanted something to be done, and the Constitution was a big factor in the changing of the United States. Without the Constitution our government would be chaos and unorganized. We see a form of the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists today, and they are the Republican and Democratic Party. Till this day, they still have different perspectives on how the government should be.

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