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Oxford business institute has been agued by some analysts that the challenge being faced does not require textbooks solutions. Other analysts argue that a more practical approach has to be adopted if all their survival has to guarantee. Use of off the shelf system in Colleges had become a norm in Colleges as directors in these Colleges were very much interested in improving the security of their systems and it is these application software programs obtained from foreign countries which had proved to be better in terms of security. This was because most College institutions had not done much in terms of system development. The problems bedeviling the current systems in our College institutions in relation to the current economic solutions have justified the development of bespoke systems that will be able to address the College issues across the industry regardless of the charges that may be faced.

It is hoped that this study will serve as an important in an attempt to improve the effectiveness and performance of the systems used in our College institutions. From this study the benefits and problems associated with the use of bespoke systems in the market are going to be determined. This study will provide alternative suggestions and or solutions to the problems associated with the failure to recognize the importance of using bespoke systems in a turbulent macroeconomic environment. It is hoped that this study will initial debate that is based on practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge found in different information Technology textbooks. It will also help employees and management in the education sector that systems design and development is a process and not just an event. 3.0 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY

The purpose of the study aims to do the following:
Improve the processing speed.
It will improve the sharing of information between the College and other stakeholders. •Promote understanding of why the information is needed and the purpose for which it is used. •It will allow improved planning and decision making by providing individuals with secure access to appropriate, accurate, consistent and timely information whenever it will be needed.

Implementation of bespoke systems is widely being regarded as an answer to the prevailing macroeconomic challenges in the country the research was carried out to decide whether the project was justified and also to determine the objectives of the system. The main force driving the researcher to carry out the study is the increasing complexity in running the affairs of the College institutions due to the volatile macro-economic environment, which means the quality of decisions made determine the survival of such organization. As the administration department in Colleges deal with most of the assets of the firm in a volatile real time environment of fluctuating interest rates and market conditions, adequate internal and external controls are vital to the functioning of such an environment to reduce fraud. Thus the study aims to provide such controls. Losses are very detrimental to a College’s growth and survival, therefore the study aims to provide a solution that will reduce any losses that occur from the system used in the management funds and improve decision making in funds management operations.

The system will be programmed using Visual Basic.
All machines using this system must have at least Microsoft windows XP. •That the use of bespoke system is a potential solution to challenges faced in the financial sector. •The IT department will reserve enough HDD space on their...
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