Sport And Fitness Building Case Study

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Company Background:

In 2006 the population of University College Dublin (UCD) exceeded 25,000 with the addition of over 3,000 employees, however the university was anticipating a further growth in both the student and employee population over the coming years. Furthermore, this expectation and the growth of the student population lead to a decision that it was evident that UCD needed to enhance their student facilities to support and offer students extra recreational facilities. In addition to the original student centre which has been in operation since 2000 and has been a huge success, providing a range of services to both the students and the 115 societies on the UCD campus. These services were being maximised and the facilities were unable...

1. In 2006 the student population was at 22,000 and there were very limited facilities available on campus.
2. The facilities in place were at capacity and strained
3. The student population in UCD was expected to grow significantly annually.
4. There was a distinct lack of facilities available for societies and sports clubs to rehearse or compete in national competitions.
5. As a result of limited space the opportunity to increase secondary income was impeeded

With the lack of facilities on campus and poor student services available these factors impacted the student experience, thus reducing the desire for students to stay on campus. According to the UCD registry (2000) over half the students in the USA that register for college will stay in college for the duration of their course because one, the student environment, two the support networks that are easily accessible and finally the social opportunities available on campus. Healy, Carpenter and lynch (1999) agree that student retention is key to a university’s success and therefore, they investigated the retention rates of Carlow, Dundalk and Tralee institutes of Technology. One of the key findings from their investigation was that students dropped out of college for many problems, but the most common factor was the lack of facilities and support services available for students and staff. UCD registry (2000) announced, that in 1999...

Therefore to enhance the quality of the campus environment for both the students and the staff of UCD. Larson and Gray (2011) stated that there are two dimensions of strategic management, the first that they need to change the external environment and the second being the addition of facilities to improve a competitive advantage. The main objective of the UCD strategic plan was to develop the profile of the university and to successfully achieve this UCD was required to improve its...
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