NETW410 Week 2 Lab Report

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NETW410, Professor
Lab 2: Application of the Top Down Network Design Methodology

Lab Report

1. What are the business goals? (10 points)

The goal is to expand the campus to accommodate the local population growth. Both on campus and off campus online capability must be accommodated to the increase of people enrolled.

2. What are the business constraints? (10 points)

Funding is the biggest constraints. The way funding is attained must be spent responsibly because it is attained through bonds and property taxes.

3. What are the technical goals? (10 points)

The technical goals are to build a new IT section onto the admin building to make sure all the servers are centralized. Connect all buildings to the new IT section. Make sure to provide wireless access for all the students in classrooms. Provide high speed wired internet to all faculty offices. Make sure there is a centralized back up of all data. Replace the old phone system with VIOP.

4. What are the technical constraints? (10 points)

The technical constraints are preventing the student network interacting with the faculty network, and the preparation of a future extension to the campus 15 miles away.

5. Diagram the existing network. (10 points)

Server/Network Equip/DMARC – 37 users
Student AP-42 users
Server/Network Equip/DMARC – 37 users Admin building
Classrooms/Offices for faculty Laptop/Printers – 4
Server/Network Equip/DMARC – 37 users Gym

6. Describe the existing network traffic. (10 points)

The existing network is overloaded as it is running at 73% utilization rates and spiking at 100%. DSL is limiting the network speeds and can be easily upgraded for more bandwidth.

7. Complete this table for all of the applications that currently run over the network. (10 points)

Application Name
New or Existing
MS Office
Web Browser
Google Apps...
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