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Topics: Expense, Target, Handset Pages: 11 (1680 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Handsets are commonly used as a communication device in cities and countries around the world. According to recent estimates, there are more than 120 million Handsets in use in Nigeria. Sooner or later, many of these phones will need to be repaired, if they are out of warranty, this is because Handsets are prone to damage due to environmental conditions, frequent use and accidents. Some consumers may exchange or purchase new Handsets when damaged, but some consumers look for repair options with their Handsets Company or through Handsets repair shops. Consumers may look for Handsets repair shops for lower cost repair options and for a greener alternative than disposing off damaged Handsets. Since replacements of Handsets are expensive, most users are willing to pay someone to fix their broken devices and that's where the business of repairing Handsets set into the picture. Small, independent repair shops fill a critical gap in the market place and are positioned for substantial growth in the years ahead, particularly in the area of smartphone repair. Start-up costs for a Handsets repair shop are minimal compared to other types of start-up opportunities. A working knowledge of Handsets repair techniques, a small workspace, basic tools and a supply of parts for the most popular device models is all it takes to get your company off the ground. 2

Repair: is the process of mending something, or the job that is done in order to achieve it Handset and phone repair include
1. Repairing of damaged part such as Mouth piece, ear-piece, charging port, screen problem, flex problem etc. 2. Unlocking services: this include open of secret code from the handset, configuring the handset for use in a particular area 3. Flashing of handset that is when the handset has software problems 4. SIM port repair etc.

5. Sales of handset accessories: such as charger, ear phone, handset case, handset spares part for the engineers etc. TARGET MARKET
Target markets are those that make use of handset either young or old, big company or small company, individual or cooperate body. My repair shop will be located in a conducive environment, very close to a place where handset is been sold, so that more customer can flow in. PRODUCTION PLAN

The production plan include
1. Getting an office place that is conducive enough in serene and clean environment because hygiene is important to business 2. The office will be divided into two, the first part will be a reception where customer can relax while their work is going on and the second part will be used as workshop for the repair of handsets. 3

3. There will be a training session for those that want to acquire knowledge in repairing of handsets. 4. The reception will be equipped with air-conditional to make the customer more comfortable. 5. I will also introduce snacks and drinks to the customer in form of a kind gesture but the price is already charged on the handset. PROPOSED MAN-POWER

The knowledge and experience of the entrepreneur is not sufficient to run the business smoothly. Provision of quality repair and service facilities solicits skilled and experienced workmen which are an integral component of this business. It is important that the manpower hired should have the required technical capability and customer relationship management skills. Unless the entrepreneur is not skilled and does not possess the required know-how he would not be able to properly hire and manage the manpower. The man power needed include:

1. An engineer that knows how to repair handsets
2. A receptionist that will be keeping records of sales and attending to customers 3. A trainer, who is also an expert in the field to train students that are willing to learn the works. So the total man-power needed is 3 people, and they are one handset engineer, a receptionist and a trainer. 4

This is the technical skills acquired to operate a computer for flashing of...
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