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How to Activate Sms Notification for Facebook

By dgnskumar May 04, 2013 653 Words
~~~Activation for SMS Notification to Mobiles~~~

1. Ensure that you have using mobile browsers.

2. Also use the mobile view for browsing webpages.

3. Sign into your Facebook Account.

4. Scroll down to the end of the page, where you can see the "Search" frame, "Survey","Help","Setting","Privacy&Terms","Logout".

5. Click the "Setting" option.

6. Then you can see a page containing various option such as (General,Notification, Privacy,Security,Apps and Websites,Email,Text messaging,Payments,Followers)

7. Here you should choose the "Text messaging" option.

8. Which will lead you to the page containing the following... "Back to Settings"

"Activate Facebook
Text Messages"

""Once you activate, you
will be able to receive
mobile text notifications
for all of your
messages, wall posts,
and friend requests. You
will also be able to
update your status
using SMS.""

9. Click the "Activate Facebook option.
Text Messages"

10.Then in the next page you should again re-enter the facebook password of your account in the space provided and Click "Continue" button.

11.Next in "Sms activation" page,you can "choose your country".

12.Next you can "choose the mobile carrier".

(If your simcard network is "Airtel",then you should choose "Airtel",
if your network is not mentioned in the list,you can choose the
option"Other carrier")

13.Follow the message
1.If your network is in the list. by clicking the listed carrier you will get the
following Message.

"""Using your mobile phone,
send a text message
containing only
"fb" (without quotes) to
51555. Then, click on the
link in the text message
response you receive, or
click the button below."""

now from your mobile send a message "fb" (without quotes) to 51555.


2.If your network is not in the list. by clicking the other carrier you will get the
following Message.

"""Using your mobile phone,
send a text message
containing only
"fb" (without quotes) to
(92FACEBOOK). Then, click
on the link in the text
message response you
receive, or click the button

now from your mobile send a message "fb" (without quotes) to 9232232665.

14.You will recieve a sms containing "CODE" from facebook sever.

15.Type the code in the page where you found the above message,by clicking "Enter code" in the same page.

16.Then you can see a statement "Share my mobile number with my friends". Mark X if you like to share your number with facebook friends. Unmark it if you don't like to share your number with facebook friends.

17.After that you click the "Activate" button.

18.If you proceed the steps exactly as mentioned above. you will get the page as below

Facebook Text Messages
are now activated. Text
(92FACEBOOK) to update
your status. You can also
receive texts when people
poke, message, wall post,
or friend you.

Back to Settings

Registered Phones
Webaroo_VMNO ·

Learn to use Facebook

Activate another phone

19.Also you will get a SMS confirming that you had registered the Texting facility in fb.

20.Else if you don't get the confirmation message and the page.
Beware that you had mistakenly done the steps wrongly.

you can avail the services for the Text messaging by customizing the account. down to the above message,you can use the options

Mobile PIN - For authorization of PIN logging by enabling/disabling. Notificaions- By clicking the edit,you can change the notifications,
which you are needed to get as SMS.
Messages- Here you can choose messages to recieve as SMS for Web/mobile. Daily text limit- Limit the text messages you recieve per day.

Declaring the gratitude of ensuring that,the steps mentioned above was practically done by the creator.these steps are made by my own knowledge, by self practicising.

For Queries send a mail to :


with Regards,
Ganesh kumar

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