GSM Mobile Phone Based LED Scrolling Message Display System

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GSM Mobile Phone Based LED Scrolling Message Display System

This will be a moving message display, which can be used as the digital notice board, and also a GSM module, which is the latest technology used for communication between the mobile and the embedded devices. System will work such that when the user wants to display or update the notice board, the user sends the message from his mobile defining the message and then the password of the system to the number of the SIM which is inserted in the display system MODULE.

Then the MODULE connected to the display system will receive the SMS, the microcontroller inside the system is programmed in such a way that when the module receives any message the microcontroller will read the message form serial port and verify for the password, if the password is correct then it will start displaying the messages in the display system. The messages are displayed on the LED display.

This system has many important applications and can be used to update the remote notice board from far off places using GSM MODULE by sending SMS between the mobile and the embedded devices (microcontroller 89c51).


Then L.E.D. display unit and the micro-controller can be easily simulated using Proteus. Various parts of the project can be easily simulated, these parts include:
1. Mobile Phone (Administrator)
2. Cellphone carrier Tower (Channel)
3. GSM Module (Receiver)

1. Mobile Phone (Administrator): The mobile phone i.e. the administrator can be modelled using the Hyper-Terminal feature of Proteus. I would be using the Hyper-terminal feature as the project would require an SMS to be sent from the Mobile Phone (Administrator) to the GSM controlled micro-controller. The SMS message to be sent is entered through the Hyper-Terminal. This would serve to eliminate all external network dependencies during the course of the simulation. As the administrator and the channel have been combined and modelled by the...
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