Unit 4 P7

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P7 unite 4
1. What is target audience?
Target audience is a particular group of people which a product, an advertisement or a television and a radio program aimed at. A target audience can be separated into deferent groups such as gender, age group, marital status, e.g. male, young people, single people. For example Dell Company wants to sell their laptops at a reasonable price, so their target audience is students, small business which can be afforded to buy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Target_audience

2. Non-electronic methods of communication
Non electronic is a different method of written communication through non electronic sources such as letter, memorandum, fax, invoice and publicity materials. Letters:
In a business letter is written in formal language and usually used to communicate people outside the organization. There are many reasons to write a business letter. A letter could be used for legal liability like signing contract. It could be to request direct information or action from another party, to order goods, apology letter from organization to their clients. Memorandum

A short note written as reminder is used for communication between different deportment in the same organization. It is normally deal with one particular subject. For example: the manager use business memo to inform the employees that the meeting date is changed. Fax

The original document is scanned with a fax machine and then sent through the telephone system to a recipient. It is useful to send documents quickly if there is one copy available. For example: of a signed contract. Invoice

An invoice is a detailed bill from seller to buyer and it might list the quantity of each item, prices, service deception and a contact address for payment. “An invoice is a legal document, which can be used as evidence of an incurred debt”. For example: a seller cannot collect on a bill immediately, so the company sends an invoice to a later date...

Bibliography: <BTEC Nation business Book 1 unite 4>
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