Feasibility Study

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Feasibility Study


Entrepreneur Skills

Roger Duquesnay 0905710

Nickisha Hylton 0901186

O'neil Martin 1106600

Godphey Sterling 0411373

Richard Xymnies 0902196

Lecture: Georgia Williams-Robinson

University of Technology Jamaica


This business will provide computer repair service to PC owners using mobile Repair technicians. The name of this business will be "PC Repairs to Go". The tagline for the business is "Speedy PC repairs, call us and we're there". The startup area for the business selected is the corporate area of Kingston and St Andrew. The ideal business location should have easy access roads that branch out to provide many route to allow mobile technicians to bypass or go around routes that have traffic. A central location in the corporate area for starting out would be ideal, the location chosen is in The Bargins mall, Half way tree. The mission statement will be “To provide a speedy mobile PC repair service(and/or Technical support) that will fix and maintain the computer systems of the corporate and rural communities of Jamaica.”. The vision statement will be “Providing Jamaica with the best PC repairs and Technical expertise on demand.”.

The business will be a partnership with the Following: Roger Duquesnay, Nickisha Hylton, O'neil Martin, Godphey Sterling and Richard Xymnies.


To define the target market for PC repair services by PC owners

a) Demographics(Age and Occupation)

To determine the nature of the competition for PC repair services

a) Who are the competitors

b) How they supply the service

c) Their strengths and weaknesses

To determine the current potential demand

a) Price

b) Quality of current service

To Identify the best mode of transportation for the service

a) Cost

b) Speed of mode of Transport

To determine the most suitable methods of advertising

Population and Sample:

The questionnaire was administered to the population consisting of the individuals who where commuting in the market area for the startup of the business. The startup area chosen is the corporate area of Kingston and St Andrew. The market demographic are any who own a computer. The size of the population in the market area of Kingston and St Andrew is 662426 according to the Statistical Institute of Jamaica(Statin p iii). The parishes of Kingston and St Andrew consists of 221627 households(Statin p14) of which 83566 are reported to have computers. The sampling was done by convenience selection. The size of the sample was 40.


We acquired this information by using several primary and secondary sources. Interviews and questionnaires were used as our primary sources while our secondary sources were from the Jamaica Yellow Pages and the Statistical Institute of Jamaica.



We did several interviews over the phone for several companies and it was found on one of the interviews, that a company offered on site visits and repairs. This was once implemented by Print World. Various Problems arose from this and two of the main problems were:

1) Male clients had a problem with many female technicians repairing their computers.

2) Technicians were arriving late and customers were inconvenienced and disgruntled.


The questionnaire consists of a mixture of open-ended and closed-ended questions. The closed-ended questions consisted of mixture of yes/no questions, ordinal ranked questions, and optional choice questions with a opened-ended other area.

The questionnaire starts with a question asking whether the individual owns a computer system to check if they belong to the target market. The next ten question look at the current service and the competitors. The next nine look at the potential demand for the service. The last questions look at demographics and possible advertising methods. The questions most likely...

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