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eb. 2 – As India has liberalized its single brand retail industry to permit 100 percent foreign investment, we take a look at the regulatory issues and legal structures pertinent to establishing operations in this new dynamic market. That India should be well on the radar for foreign retailers was recently supported by A.T. Kearney, whose 2011 Global Retail Development Index ranks the nation as fourth globally.

India’s retail industry is estimated to be worth approximately US$411.28 billion and is still growing, expected to reach US$804.06 billion in 2015. As part of the economic liberalization process set in place by the Industrial Policy of 1991, the Indian government has opened the retail sector to FDI slowly through a series of steps:

The Indian government removed the 51 percent cap on FDI into single-brand retail outlets in December 2011, and opened the market fully to foreign investors by permitting 100 percent foreign investment in this area.

It has also made some, albeit limited, progress in allowing multi-brand retailing, which has so far been prohibited in India. At present, this is restricted to 49 percent foreign equity participation. The specter of large supermarket brands displacing traditional Indian mom-and-pop stores is a hot political issue in India, and the progress and development of the newly liberalized single-brand retail industry will be watched with some keen eyes as concerns further possible liberalization in the multi-brand sector.

In this article, we discuss the policy developments for FDI in these two retail categories, with a focus on the details of the multi-brand retail FDI discussion paper and related policy developments.

FDI in “single-brand” retail
While the precise meaning of single-brand retail has not been clearly defined in any Indian government circular or notification, single-brand retail generally refers to the selling of goods under a single brand name.

Up to 100 percent FDI is permissible in single-brand retail, subject to the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) sanctions and conditions mentioned in Press Note 3[8]. These conditions stipulate that:

Only single-brand products are sold (i.e. sale of multi-brand goods is not allowed, even if produced by the same manufacturer)
Products are sold under the same brand internationally
Single-brand products include only those identified during manufacturing Any additional product categories to be sold under single-brand retail must first receive additional government approval

FDI in single-brand retail implies that a retail store with foreign investment can only sell one brand. For example, if Adidas were to obtain permission to retail its flagship brand in India, those retail outlets could

only sell products under the Adidas brand. For Adidas to sell products under the Reebok brand, which it owns, separate government permission is required and (if permission is granted) Reebok products must then be sold in separate retail outlets.

FDI in “multi-brand” retail
While the government of India has also not clearly defined the term “multi-brand retail,” FDI in multi-brand retail generally refers to selling multiple brands under one roof. Currently, this sector is limited to a maximum of 49 percent foreign equity participation.

In July 2010, the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) and the Ministry of Commerce circulated a discussion paper on allowing FDI in multi-brand retail. The Committee of Secretaries, led by Cabinet Secretary Ajit Seth, recommended opening the retail sector for FDI with a 51 percent cap on FDI, minimum investment of US$100 million and a mandatory 50 percent capital reinvestment into backend operations. Notably, the paper does not put forward any upper limit on FDI in multi-brand retail.

Immediately following the release of this discussion paper, the shares of a number of retail companies in India grew; domestic retail giant, Pantaloon Retail gained 7 percent on...
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