Favorite Room

Topics: Left-wing politics, Odor, The Wall Pages: 4 (1451 words) Published: May 13, 2014
Andrea Cropp
Descriptive essay

Do you have a favorite room in your house? Mine just so happens to be my bedroom. My bedroom is a place where I can go to relax, or to have some alone time. I like my room because the design, layout, and décor were all chosen by me to suit my needs. A person walking into my favorite room is able to learn about my likes and dislikes very easily. The room describes my personality. If you were asked to describe your favorite room in your home what would you say? The walls of my bedroom are unique. Two walls are painted a soft tan and the other two walls are a dark chocolate brown. The cream colored floor is fluffy and soft. The ceiling is white with a fan painted tan with a cheetah print accent. All four walls have rectangular shaped objects lined with photos of my friends and me. The return air vent near ceiling has dried roses suspended by string that no longer have a scent. They bring me memories of my grandmother that passed, I keep them there to have something to look at in remembrance of her. From the entrance of my room, there is a large open space covered by glass and blinds on the far left wall, from this part of my bedroom you are able to see activity through a large piece of glass. If you were to walk into my bedroom, on your left side next to the door there is a big, brown, wooden object. This storage unit holds all of my wearables. The surface is very smooth and shiny, and not sharp to the touch. There are gold handles on the front with six different drawers. A big whiff of old wood and stain paint makes up for the scent of the cabinet. On top of this there are many glass bottles usually small in shape and tinted in different colors. They are usually in a shape appealing to the eye and topped with a small cap. Pressing downward on the cap causes a spray of your favorite fragrance. Also on top there is a white product made by Apple that is square in shape. This can be carried around wherever you go. You can touch...
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