The Upstairs Room

Topics: Germany, English-language films Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: October 8, 1999
The Upstairs Room
This book is about a Jewish girl named Annie. Her life completely changed around 1941. When Hitler had started to do the bad things to the Jewish. She had two sisters, Rachael and Sini. They lived in Winterswijk. They weren’t safe living there, so they moved to the woods. Their mother was sick, so she didn’t want to go to America. She ended up in the hospital. But she died a week before they were taking Jewish people from the hospitals. The Germans wanted more people to go to the concentration camps so they had to hide. Their dad went to a friends hiding place because they only had space for one. Rachael, Sini and Annie were supposed to go to the Hanninks. Rachael did not want to go. Sini had to die her hair to go so they wouldn’t know she was a Jewish. Annie had to cut her hair and dress like a boy to go. When they got to Usselo she met Dini Hannink, they went to her house together. They stayed there for about to two weeks. Then they had to go to the Oostervelds. They were really nice people. Johan was a farmer, Dientje, and Opoe (Johan’s mother). They were supposed to stay there for at least a week because Mr. Hannink thought a German followed him. Annie’s legs were getting crooked and couldn’t walk that much so she had to exercise. She really hated to do that. After a year and a half they haven’t even seen how the house looked. And Sini really wanted a tan. So Johan let them go out. He was going to pick them up around dinner. But then Dientje’s sister came and they couldn’t get in. Annie got real sick that day. A nice doctor came and helped them. The Germans came to inspect their house but Johan made a hiding place in the closet. The Germans caught one of their friends. They knew who had told the Germans so they told Johan to kill him and he did. He went to hide for a while in somewhere else. Then one day Germans come and tell them they want to use their house for headquarters. They...
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