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Marketing Campaign is John Varvados’ Fall 2012 campaign featuring English rockers Paul Weller (54) of The Jam and Miles Kane (26) of The Last Shadow Puppets. Dubbed “Rock n’ Roll Gentlemen” by Varatos himself, the campaign is a combination of traditional print and digital media for a high-end fashion line which promotes stylized design and usability for men, both young and old. In a world that’s always changing things, Varvados aims to connect the old and new, paying deference to the past iconic styles while looking towards the future.

Set outside a pawnshop, Weller and Kane stand on an urban sidewalk similarly dressed in grey suits, starkly captured in the black and white image. This image, used in print ads from magazines to bus stops to billboards captures perfectly Varvatos’ urban, metropolitan aesthetic. As well as print, Varvados has teamed up with advertising agency YARD’s Executive Creative Director Stephen Niedzwiecki to create exclusive content, short films, which are hosted on Varvados’ website, as well as social media channels like Facebook. Namely, Weller and Kane patronizing the pawnshop for odd-ball items.

A men’s fashion house, the campaign is promoting a reconfiguration of an existing apparel line with the aim to further Varvatos’ market penetration. Spanning three collections, John Varvados, John Varvados U.S.A., and Converse, the products are physically offered in select retail shops, including solo boutiques. One such shop located in New York’s Lower East Side, the former site of music club CBGB’s, a calculated move to further their brand awareness and (arguably) add to its attraction. Additionally, the boutique on Bowery offers collections of vintage vinyl records, vintage audio equipment and collectible music books curated by Varvatos, himself for customers’ perusal.

Their target market is men in their early twenties to mid forties, with an appreciation for music, fashion, and their combined aesthetics. Moreover, given...
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