J. Crew Company Analysis

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I.Problem Definition
J.Crew at Stonestown mall is having difficulty targeting San Francisco State students to shop at their store, even when J.Crew offers a 15% off discount to college students.
J.Crew is a very successful brand that reaches out to young business professionals; however J.Crew, specifically at Stonestown mall, is having difficulty reaching out to the college students at San Francisco State University. J.Crew believes the students at SFSU are a smart target to reach, considering the University is located right next to the Stonestown mall. Although J.Crew believes the college students are smart target to reach, many students are unaware of the student discount they offer. Looking over J.Crew’s past marketing campaigns, they have used older looking models. When doing our research, we noticed that J.Crew’s top competitors: GAP (Banana Republic), and BCBG use younger, college age range, type of models. With this is mind, we feel that the best advertising campaign is to follow their competitors and choose younger looking models, in order to reach out to the college market. J.Crew’s competitors use fun advertising methods to reach out to a younger market. We noticed in all of GAP holiday commercials, the young models are jumping around having a good time. We get a sense of fun and playful energy from the commercial, which could draw in college students. Gap also gives off a feel of comfort, casual and trendy style in clothing for the everyday college wear. We feel that if J.Crew starts advertising with younger looking models emphasizing on basic wear of a typical college student, J.Crew may have better success at reaching out to the SFSU students.

II.Advertising Objective
Our main advertising objective is to gain attention of the college students. The goal of our advertising campaign is to create interest for the brand and thus to encourage college students (the target audience) to make an initial purchase of a J. Crew products. Advertisement should seek to tell the market about J. Crew’s products, emphasize the quality and fashion of the products, and last but not least build awareness of the company. We can typically employ creative advertising strategies in order to cut through other competing advertisements. III.Situational Analysis

J.Crew first debuted in 1983 as a catalog only shopping experience by Arthur Cinader. Six years later he opened its first flagship store in South Street Seaport New York. J.Crew is American clothing and accessories for men and women. They recently added several line extensions such as “Crewcuts” for children ages 2-12, “J.Crew weddings and Parties”, and “J.Crew Collection” for limited edition pieces. The retailer is known for its young and preppy fashions including jeans, khaki’s, and other basics that are quite pricy and targeted to young professionals. They have 300 stores worldwide including the website and catalog. In 2003 Millard Drexler the former CEO of Gap Inc. became the new CEO for J.Crew by pushing service, quality and innovation to the next level. This caused so much controversy with the two companies, being that they are major competitors. J.Crew partners with the best fabric mills and craftsmen such as Jack Purcell, Timex, Thomas Mason, and Red Wing to get the best quality goods. J.Crew is continuing to expand their retail series with specialty boutiques such as Men’s only shops that specializes in Suiting and Madewell a modernized interpretation of an American denim label founded in 1937 which targets women ages 18-40. Although we think J.Crew does good overall, the Stonestown mall wants to gain attention of the college students because they offer a student/teacher discount. The problem is many of the college students don’t shop at J.Crew because they don’t know much about it. Swot Analysis: J.Crew for the college audience

Over 300 stores in the United States
E-commerce website (convenience)
Discount sales ongoing
Multiple lines...
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