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Topics: Marketing, Interview, Gender Pages: 8 (1767 words) Published: April 19, 2015
Executive Summary
This research is written to explore the consumer behaviours associated with fashion purchasing and help the manager understand what drives consumers to buy fashion products so as to determine the campaign strategy. The study proposes to investigate the people perceive what is fashion or unfashion and discover the possible relationship between different factors and the consumers’ willingness toward fashion. These factors include the effects of brand, the influences of mass media and social network, various shopping places. Surprisingly, the different attitude between different genders toward fashion is considered as an essential factor for people to engage in fashion purchasing.


1.1. Importance of the research
In recent decades, the apparel production plays a vital role in the economy of a country. It is estimated that Clothing retailing was $23.9 million on September 2011, which take up. The expansion of Apparel industry in Australia poses challenges and heavy pressure to enterprisers who do not understand and analyse the factors of consumer requirement toward fashion. Zikmund (2012) pointed out that marketing research are able to reduce the risk of the uncertain or wrong decision, allowing companies to get higher profits. According to McCarthy’s 4PS marketing mix (1960), any business success is based on “4PS”, regarding to product, price, promotion and place. Without proper understanding of the expectations of consumers and properly marketing methods, managers might attribute to management problems and financial loss. Thus, this study is incredibly important, for it will allow the manager to know how to design a campaign that can meet consumers needs and expectation, understanding how to improve the standard of marketing mix and fashion trend are processing and making the prediction about fashion design in the future.

1.2. Scope of report
This report demonstrates adults who are living in Australia purchasing behavior with associated with fashion clothing. However, because of the geographic, time and cost limitations, only four randomly selected interview transcripts are taken from QUT Blackboard. Therefore, the data presented in this report may differ from other results.

1.3. Research Problem
The purchasing behaviour of adults associated with fashion clothing in Australia.

1.4. Aim and Objectives
The aim of this report is to qualitatively explore the drivers of fashion clothing purchase behaviour. Specific objectives include: To identity which types of clothing consumers perceive as fashionable and unfashionable. To identify why consumers perceive some clothing as fashionable and other clothing as unfashionable. To understand societal values that lead to fashion clothing purchases. To identify motives that influence consumers to purchase fashion clothing. To understand fashion clothing purchase behaviours.


2.1. Methodological considerations and assumptions
In this study, exploratory qualitative research will be developed to investigated consumer’s purchasing behaviours and attitudes. Due to the fact that there are a few of previously systematic theories and structured studies about people’s attitude about the fashion purchasing. For these reason, this report intends to deepen understanding of this problem and explore factors contributing to purchasing behaviours associated with fashion clothing through using the methods of interviews. The qualitative research will be in the form of in-depth interviews. First of all, it can be interact with respondents’ reaction directly. In addition, in-depth interviews can eliminate or reduce peer pressures, which ensures more freely exchange information. Moreover, One to one interview makes respondent feel that they are focus of attention, so that their thoughts and experiences are important.

On the negative side, the cost of interview is almost higher than other methods. Because interview...
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