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In these modern years, many latest or most up-to-date items, especially fashion trends, are continuous of entering the society, just like accessories, clothes and shoes and even different styles of hair, and people as we observed employed or engaged of spending money just for this. Is it important to us and does people need this? Following new fashion trends makes you belong to the society just like what you’ve seen mostly in the actors and actresses, which people have seen in television, and the people who are influenced by this tend to imitate them. Following these trends or buying new trends, for some is waste of money while for others is enjoyment and fulfillment. Even though that it is very expensive, they are still going to purchase this so that the people will say that he/she belongs or in other words they are “in”. As people can observe there were already many shops or bargains where you could buy clothes, shoes and etc. and you could see them everywhere you go. Original or fake, it doesn’t really matter to others as long as it’s good and in. Even schoolchildren are aware that fashions exist, and change, in running shoes. Nevertheless, we do tend to distinguish, however imprecisely, between basic clothing, such as blue jeans and T-shirts, and the latest trendy fashions created by fashion designers. As the seasons change, many of us follow fashion, not stopping to wonder why. Blindly, we follow the entire latest fashion trend in clothes. Our closet fills up with clothes that, while perfectly wearable, “have gone out of style”. As soon as the latest, hottest, newest styles arrive in stores, were the first ones there to pluck down our money. As a citizen we need to think about what our response is to fashion trends. Where do we draw the line and say, “enough is enough”? Generally a fashion is considered a craze something that is around for a short time and then dies out because the interest has moved on to something bigger and better. In this research, the effects of following new fashion trend to the daily allowance of the high school students will be investigated.

Background of the Study

This study deals about the effects of following new fashion trends to the daily allowance of the selected high school students of Saint Therese School. The researcher study this topic because this is what most people wanted to do or engaged with these habits. This will determine how much money they spend just for new trends and how much are they willing to buy an expensive trends.

Scope and Delimitation of the Study

This study is limited to the selected high school students of Saint Therese School as the respondents. This study provides an analysis on how following new fashion trends affect the daily allowance of the selected high school students of Saint Therese School.

Statement of the Problem

The information attempts to know the effects of following new trends to the daily allowance of the selected high school students of St. Therese School. 1. What is the Demographic Profile of the students in terms of: 1. name

2. year and section
3. gender
4. age
5. socio-economic status
2. Is there any significant difference between following new fashion trends to the daily allowance of the selected high school students?


There is no significant difference to the responses of the students regarding the query of following new fashion trends.

Significance of the Study
The primary beneficiaries of this study are the students and this research work will help them to be aware that following new fashion trends is one of the factors affecting the...
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