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Have you ever wondered why you wear the clothes you wear and buy from only certain t stores? In the society we live in, it is easy to jump on the band wagon and follow what everyone else is doing. Everyone is following suit just to fit in and find their place. Recently fashion has become a trend controlled by the leading stores in the industry, and changes through generations.

First I will talk about the background information, then move on to 2 present day applications, then finally finish with 3 future implications.
Fashion: The conventional usage in dress, manners, etc., esp. of polite society, or conformity to it. Its roots go back for thousands of years. The Greeks and even Egyptians had fashions radically different than ours today, but then it was common. Fashion has progressed since then, with technology being the biggest influence in the past. More recently fashion is less controlled by technology, but rather the big businesses at the top of the chains who employ the top fashion designers control what “in.” Companies such as Old Navy, Abercrombie, Aeropostal, and Hollister, and Victoria’s secret are the top three companies in the trade. They employ many fashion designers that have graduated with the purpose of designing cloths that slowly change the fashion of today. I have now given you the background information, and I will now inform you of the present applications.

Today fashion is more than just what color toga your wearing and the kind of sandals. It has developed into a complex combination of shoes, shirts, pants, shorts, hats, scarf’s, gloves, coats, make up, even skin tone and nail color. As you can tell fashion has changed in many ways, and as I stated before. Now it is controlled by the giants of the business who advertise what an average American should look like. They put on fashion shows that we watch to see what the new fashions are for the coming season. With them in control, we look at people who don’t dress like...
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