Topics: Clothing, Trousers, Color Pages: 3 (910 words) Published: January 13, 2013

Fashion plays an important role in the modern society. But people have different attitudes to fashion. Some are indifferent; they do not care what they wear. Others, especially women are very choosy and particular about what to wear and like to spend a lot of money on clothes. The styles of clothing have been influenced by different factors, such as geography, religion, climate, poverty or wealth. The way we dress also depends on our taste, on the season and the proper occasion. We should know what kinds of accessories complement the dress and what colors match each other. The fact, that our eye is easily fooled is used also in the fashion. Vertical stripes make us taller, while horizontal make us broader. The pattern of our clothing can be also checked, flowered, dotted, spotted or geometric. Another aspect is the color. If we have overweight, we try wearing small patterns or plain dark clothes. These make us look slim. Unlike the dark colors, the light ones make us broad. The color of our clothing also can influence our feelings, our mood or express our personality. For example green is calming, so the surgeons wear green suits. Grey is an anonymous color worn by people who don’t want to be noticed. While white is the color of purity and strength, while red and black give a feeling of danger; that‘s why they are popular among sport cars. Styles, cuts, designs and particularly the length of clothes change very quickly because dressmaking has become big business nowadays. Fashion often reverts to older styles; what is out of fashion, funny or ridiculous now, may look romantic a few decades later. There can be a whole range of distinctive features of clothes. We could note various types of neckline (high or low, oval, V-neck, with collar or collarless) and various cuts of sleeves (inset, batwing, dropped shoulder). The dress may have a classic line, A-line or be bell-shaped, with a slit, or straight. The waistline may be natural, high or low....
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