Fascism in Japan

Topics: Political corruption, Democracy, Political philosophy Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: September 26, 2011
The military rule in Japan has brought about changes in political, economic and social aspect of life. Most of which we think have brought about more harm than good to the nation, in other words they are more of a disaster than a blessing. First of, what is facism? Well.. Fascism is a political system in which the state has all the power. All citizens must work for the country and the government. A dictator or another powerful person is the head of such a state. He uses a strong army and a police force to keep law and order. He is often a strong, authoritarian leader who is, at the beginning, admired by many people. So lets take a look at thse changes to Japan

The corruption of the democratic political leaders and members of the Diet was one of the internal factors that led to the rise of fascism in Japan. Democratic leaders in Japan formed political parties to participate in election campaigns and elected to the Diet. They looked for large and powerful Japanese companies, known as zaibatsus, to sponsor their campaigns. These political leaders looked after the interests of the zaibatsus instead of the people they represented. In return, these wealthy companies were benefitted as they managed to pass the government laws. During meetings, different political parties accused the others for being corrupted, resulting in fistfights. Some members of the Diet also committed to bribery. One example is the Fair Trade Commission that accused certain construction companies of consulting among themselves. However, these construction companies prevented the accusations as the chairman of the Fair Trade Commission was put under pressure from a member from the Diet who received a bribe from the companies. Some members of the Diet even used money collected from political donations as their own. With these fistfights and briberies going on, the Diet failed to gain support as people lose respect to the democratic politicians, and thus resulting in the rise of fascism.

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