Yakuza and the Japanese Society

Topics: Law, Japan, Mafia Pages: 4 (1111 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Yakuza and Japanese society
Essay building plan


1. Introduction
Introduction of the main question:
What are the possible consequences of the implementation of the law?

2. Pros of having Yakuza
What have they done in the past for society?
What do they do for society today?
How does the Japanese society see the Yakuza?
The Yakuza code of honor.

3. Cons of having Yakuza
* Why are the Yakuza a problem?
Who are troubled with the yakuza in Japanese society
What is the political motivation against the Yakuza? (political goals behind the law) * How much problems / violence do Yakuza create?
Do the problems outweight the pros?

4. Consequences of the laws on Yakuza
* Will their behavior change after implementing this law? Examples: Reduce in size / underground / more aggressive (yakuza’s stir) * What are the consequences of these behavior changes?
pros and cons

5. Consequences of the laws on Japanese society
* How will the Japanese society react?
Who is pro law
Who is against this law
* How far does the influence of Yakuza reach into Japanese politics and business? Will people lose their jobs?
Will there be any political backlash?

6. Conclusion
* Will the law be effective enough?


Yakuza and Japanese society

Yakuza are iconic Japanese “gangsters”. There are countless films, books and songs made about them. They have a sort of romance to them that attracts people from all over the world. But to the Japanese police they are a menace. The police have been trying to crack down on them...
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