To What Extent Was Mussolini an All-Powerful Dictator?

Topics: Fascism, Benito Mussolini, Italian Fascism Pages: 4 (1362 words) Published: May 25, 2011
To what extent was Mussolini an all-powerful dictator?

A dictator, by definiton, is an authoritarian ruler who assumes sole power of a state. By 1926 Mussolini had achieved this ambition and established a personal dictatorship over Italy. However when considering the nature of Mussonlini’s power it is important to remember Italy still remained officially a constitutional monarchy during this period and was far less brutal and totalitarian than its German equivalent. In theory Mussolini’s power was unlimited. Italy was a one party state and Mussolini was leader of that party but there were several limitations to his power.

Mussolini was determined to ensure that all real power rested in his hands alone and not in government. He was not prepared to share powers with his ministers and by 1929 was personally in charge of eight ministries. The role of ministers was to follow Mussolini’s instructions unquestioningly and those who didn’t were simply dismissed. In fact Mussolini was so afraid of debate and advice he ended up dismissing all his most able ministers, replacing them with hopeless ‘yes’ men. The Fascist government was disorganised and chaotic; Mussolini was incapable of delegating effectively and focused on trivial matters rather than concentrating on important issues. He also interfered regularly in policy making, often to a detrimental effect. Parliament was particularly targeted; by 1926 it had lost its ability to discuss policy, to debate and to amend proposed legislation, while Mussolini alone had the power to make laws simply by issuing decrees. Mussolini did not run an effective government and this would certainly question his position as an all-powerful dictator.

Mussolini also attempted to alter traditional institutions of the state to consolidate his position. The judiciary, for example, was purged of ‘undesirables’ and Mussolini sometimes intervened in individual cases, supporting the idea of him as an all-powerful dictator. On the...
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