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y quit old job? want to switch for better prospects.
Better prospects in terms of - More responsibilities,Broadening the work domain.

1. Why do you want a career in the BPO sector?
”I would like to pursue a job in this sector since this is an industry that is growing very

fast. According to this year’s Financial Times Report on the Indian Industry, the size of

the BPO industry is around $ XX billion and it is growing at a rate of XX per cent. Not

only this, I also feel that I have a personality that is well suited to this industry,

since I love interacting with people and have great communication skills. I fell that I can

utilize my potential to maximum in this industry while boosting and enhancing my skills and

expertise at the same time. Moreover, it is a steady and a constant job. I fell that I will

definitely prove to be an asset for any company as I can easily adapt to any ambience and

make sure that it does not hinder my creative skills and abilities. I can easily work in a


2. Will you be comfortable working in different shifts?

§ Yes, I can. I might have difficulties at the beginning, but I am sure that my

body will easily adjust to working at odd hours. Staying up throughout the nights is not a

problem for me.” You can take this as an opportunity to talk about how well suited for the

job you are by saying things like—
§ I am enthusiastic and energetic about my work.
§ I am very proficient and hard working.
§ I can work efficiently and with the same amount of zeal and energy at any time in the

§ I can strive hard to achieve my goals and at the same time manage other aspects of the

§ One thing to keep in mind while praising yourself is to avoid the use of superlatives

like ‘extremely’ hardworking, the ‘best’ at xyz, the ‘most’ efficient etcetra. Selling

yourself is good, but the subtler the trumpeting, the better it is.

“Hello, my name

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