Cultural Interview

Topics: Family, Marriage, Hispanic Pages: 4 (1430 words) Published: May 6, 2011

My cultural interview was with a coworker, 28 years of age and of Hispanic descent. While conducting the interview I learned a lot about the Hispanic culture. Many Hispanics like to be called Latino (a). Some do not like to be referred to as Mexican when they are from other countries other than Mexico. Hispanics also use slang within their culture just like African Americans. Within the culture the male is the dominant figure in the household. All the decisions that affect the family go through the father. If there is no father in the house, the oldest son fulfills that role. The older son may drop out of school so that they may assist the mother at the house in the absence of the father. Many Hispanics usually marry fairly young and start to raise a family. When they get older they usually do not marry, but live together like husband and wife. The average number of members within the family is 7 including the mother and father. The mother is usually the caregiver and stays home to look after the children. The oldest daughter steps in and helps the mother out whenever she can. The grandparents are considered the second mom and dad. Their cousins are regarded as an extension of their siblings. My interviewee has 2 brothers who she is very close to. If her brothers tell her to do something even at age 28 she really makes sure she follows their directives. Her mother is divorced from her father, but he still plays an active part in her and her brothers’ life. The relationship between the mother and father is still very close even though they are not married. The relationship between the mother’s new boyfriend and ex- husband is very cordial and respectful in an attempt to maintain a loving and positive environment for their family. The Hispanic family is outgoing and likes to have fun. Usually they have many gathering and invite friends, family and extended members to these functions. Drinking is considered a...
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