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Topics: Communication, Problem solving, Sociology Pages: 3 (700 words) Published: May 14, 2014
- Cultural/ tradition duties that would differ by the different religions. - Principles within society and also the rules that all individuals would abide to. - Legislation of safety/health care/ equality/ practices to ensure security in society. - Responsibilities and duties within society and also with individuals around.

- Communication skills with others in order to socialise and interact with other individuals. - Research skills in which I am able to use the internet, have good literacy and numeracy skills. - Study skills in which I am able to communicate well with others. - Problem solving in which I am able to help solving issues. - Acknowledgement of issues in which I can relate to a problem and also understand the situation. -I am able to work individually as well as in a team, independent studies as well as team work. -Honest, lively and caring in which makes an individual feel comfortable.

Care practice
-Respecting other individual’s race and ethnicity as well as sexuality. -Treating every individual the way they should be treated as they are seen as equal within society.

-Religious values
-Personal values
-Equality values
-Respect values
-Relationship values
-Marriage and Family Life values
Career Aspirations
-Nursery Nurse
-Child Tutoring
-Teaching Assistant
-Neonatal care nurse (intensive care unit)

My strengths
I am able to communicate well with other individuals in which I can be bale to change the tone of my communication in order to suit the individual. I am able to work in a team as well as work individually in which show my independent ability as well as team work skills. Talkative in necessary situations

I have the ability to be Bilingual in which I am able to communicate with another individual in more than one language. I am able to speak Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, English and also some French in which I may...
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