Family Observation Project

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I volunteered at Immaculate Conception school for the program called Project T.H.I.N.K. Immaculate Conception school is a charter school located in the middle of Downtown Los Angeles. The school teaches children from kindergarten through eighth grade. I have volunteered at so many different organizations that included working with food, working with animals, and even with books at the library. I have never volunteered with kids before that included growing relationships with them. I chose this site because professionally I want to be a Pediatric Nurse. I also felt that this is a great opportunity to finally gain experience with kids. I also chose this site because it is only 10 minutes away from the Doheny campus. I only need to take the bus by the school and I get dropped off right by the school. This volunteer …show more content…
The concepts that I encountered were norms, sanctions, Reference groups, roles, social interaction, and social category. I thought of norms because students are expected to behave and not talk when a tutor is talking. Sanctions because students are rewarded points and prizes based on their behavior and completion of homework. They receive punishment if they misbehave and then a volunteer talks to their parents and reports their behavior and they will not receive a prize. We also report whether the child has completed the homework assigned or not. Another concept was reference groups. As a volunteer/tutor, students use us to evaluate themselves from which to obtain attitudes, values, beliefs and norms. I also thought of roles because volunteers play the role as a tutor. Kids play the role of a student at school. In the classroom kids tend to misbehave if they see ne of their peers misbehaving and this can relate to the concept social interaction. The last concept I thought of was social category because all students are of Latino

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