Family Analysis Project

Topics: Family / Pages: 5 (1477 words) / Published: Oct 1st, 2014
Running head: N3352 LEGACY OF THE FAMILY

N3352 Legacy of the Family: Family Analysis Project
The University of Texas at Arlington School of Nursing

In partial fulfillment of the requirements of
N3352 Legacy of the Family
Online RN-BSN
The content of this paper is to thoroughly analyze the relationships and functionality of the family chosen to be studied and assessed. By assessing, incorporating the lessons taught throughout the past five weeks in this class and inter-relating the family’s sociocultural background, communication patterns, physical environment setting, values and beliefs, power and role structure, communication patterns, adaptation and level of development as well as their healthcare decisions, a practicing, licensed nurse can use these inferences as guidance and/or resource when dealing with similar encounters while delivering patient care at their respective work places.
Description of Nuclear Family or Variant Family Form The nuclear family I have chosen to analyze in this paper involves a family of three: Jane, the mother and head of household is 59 years old, together with her two sons, John who is 30 years old and Tom who is 20 years old. The father in this family passed away in 2000 due to Colon Cancer. They are all blood related, pure Asian family and they are all born and raised in the China and have migrated here in California in the year 2009. Jane’s two sons have both obtained and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree at California State University, Dominguez Northridge and Jane is a Doctor of Medicine in China but does not practice here in the United States.
Sociocultural Data: Cultural/Ethnic Assessment, Social Class Status Both Jane and John are working full time during the days, while Tom is responsible for household chores and is searching and applying to get into med school. They can be considered to be at the working middle class in the socioeconomic scale. The family is very

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