Family Life Paper Analysis

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Family Life Movie Critical Analysis
The British film Family Life depicts the portrayal and life of a raw, disturbing character study directed by Ken Loach of a fragile, vulnerable, and troubled teenager named Janice who undergoes the harsh light of social realism and brutality of medical treatment after defying against her parents’ wishes and the conservative, restrictive societal norms of British life and culture. In Family Life, Janice is portrayed as a confused teenager who is labeled due to her perceived behavior by her authoritative figures as “mentally disoriented” and “problematic” after getting pregnant at a young age. Janice’s working-class parents view their daughter as “misbehaved” or “immoral” for moments of rebellion against her domineering parents’ wishes and discovering her own way in life. Her early pregnancy results in her parents’ strong disapproval, enforcing their opinion upon Janice such as getting an abortion. The unfortunate truth is that Janice’s parents hypocritically disapprove and blame Janice for deeply upsetting her parents, when she is unable to manage the emotional and mental effect her pregnancy and the extraneous, societal influences and pressure have on her. Janice’s condition and mental state worsens after receiving her abortion and being subjected to outrageously self-righteous, ignorant doctors because of her overassertive parents’ orders, and being identified as a schizophrenic due to her increasingly erratic behavior. This sadly fallouts in the cruel and unjust medical treatments given to Janice that leaves the audience members shocked, uncomfortable, and frustrated to witness. As presented in the film, Janice represents an equally unflinching and savage indictment on the failings of society towards those in most need.

The British film Family Life illustrates the complex family dynamics between the daughter Janice and her conservative, well-restricted parents. Family dynamics significantly impact health in both...
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