Factors That Influence the Development of Individual's Self Concept

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Unit 8 (m2)

Outline how factors can influence the development of individual's self concept.

I am going to outline how factors can influence the development of individual's self-concept, firstly, I will to define what is self-concept.

self concept is about the way we view ourselves. There are two sides of our self concept and these include: our self-esteem, which is how we feel about out selves that is the the worth and value that you as a person attribute to yourself, and self-image, which is how we see ourselves for example in terms of gender, skin colour, heigh and weight. Below are the factors:

emotional development
From the above I will outline how four of the factors can influence the development of individual's self-concept. Income
Income can influence the development of individual's self-concept in a negative and positive way whereby people with good income with be able to live a luxurious life-style, for example will be able to afford good healthy balance diet, expensive cloths, shoes and jewellery able to afford good expensive accommodations with nice furniture, expensive cars, private hospitals, can afford their children to go to private schools which will them the advantage to good education and will be able to reach their full potential in life; can afford to go on holidays. But most importantly, possessions are not the only important thing in life, as long as one is able to maintain basic standard of living. on the other people with low income will even find it difficult to maintain the basic needs of life and this will their self-esteem especially if they are surrounding by images of people who have a lot of wealth. They will be restricted from a lot of things for example, will not be able to afford nice cloths for them and their children, will not be able to afford nice secured accommodation, not be able to access higher education and in terms of sickness they will have to be on the NHS waiting until is the time for them to be treated because they cannot afford to go to private hospitals to be treated or seen by a doctor. This is why so many people on low income are dying due to health problem because they cannot afford private hospitals so they have to wait on the NHS waiting list for a year or more meanwhile the sickness is getting worse and if they are unlock by the time the NHS get to them they would have been dead. Therefore, money in an important factor that influence the development of individual's self-concept.

media means things like newspapers, television, internet, sites and music and these may influence the development of individual's self-concept in that they positively enable us to have knowledge on what is happening around the world as well as playing a big role in the development of especially teenagers' self-esteem and self confidence in relation to how they perceive their body image and beauty because media can alternation how to look beautiful by making them eat less to maintain their body figure, body transformations an so on thereby developing their self-esteem and confidences. On the other hand media can influences the way we think and feel about ourselves as it affect the person's perception of body image and present them with an unrealistic view of how their bodies should look like thereby making them not to appreciate who they are, causing them always want to look like others and so begin to copy what they do and how they like as well as hoe they dress hence leading them to attempt unhealthy diet that is eating less because they do not want to gain weight as they want to be models, get stressed with money to buy designer clothes and so on and if they fail to achieve what their hearts desire, their self confidence will decline as well as having low self-esteem. Also when we watch media we tend to hate certain features of our appearance for example hate your...
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