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“The fully unified, completed, secure and coherent identity is a fantasy” (Hall 1992). Discuss Undeniably, identity is a matter as most of people are willing to sacrifice their life to claim or protect their own identity (Woodward, 2002, p. 7). There have been a number of sociologists and researchers concerned to shed light on the pattern of identity. Many of them put forward the view that identity is a fully developed and stable concept. However, Hall ( 1992, p. 5) totally disagreed with the...

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identity ‘I am free to choose my own identity’. As a stand-alone statement “I am free to choose my own identity” presented me with a number of problems. Prior to the commencement of this module and without any previous knowledge of sociological theory I would have been inclined to agree without reservation that I am in fact free to choose my own identity. I would have considered myself to be individual, if not unique? The responsibility for who and what I am today not being a result...

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The concept of Identity is complex through the exploration of relationships and a sense of belonging. This is explored within Tim Winton’s short stories, ‘ Neighbours’ and ‘Big World’, and in Robert Walker’s poem ‘Okay, Let’s be Honest’. Identity can change and evolve depending on belief, change, language and shifting influences. Tim Winton, the composer of ‘Neighbours’ has a perplexed and distressing tone as he suggests to the reader, the significance of multiculturalism and diversity within Australia...

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Sophia Martinez Professor Ahn English 114b Conforming Identity Identity is one concept that is easily influential, though it can be destroyed by society. There are aspects that strengthen who we are as an individual, or weaken by conforming to society’s pressured expectations of how and who to be in life.In the novel, Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, and in The Twilight zone episode “Number 12 Looks Just Like You”, identity is weakened when it comes to society’s values. In the articles “It’s a...

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Fidelity: Identity vs. Role Confusion (Adolescence, 13-19 years)[edit source | editbeta] Existential Question: Who Am I and What Can I Be? The adolescent is newly concerned with how they appear to others. Superego identity is the accrued confidence that the outer sameness and continuity prepared in the future are matched by the sameness and continuity of one's meaning for oneself, as evidenced in the promise of a career. The ability to settle on a school or occupational identity is pleasant....

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How do you believe Identity is formed? Identity cannot be formed and defined in one category; it is defined in many ways. Our Identity is formed by our race, culture, language, belief and environment. Sarah Morris described,” Every thing around what and us shapes who we became we believe about other and ourselves.” (1) In the book Why are all the black kids sitting together in the cafeteria? (2) Shows that identity is formed by the following category: objects possessions, creations, interests...

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Identity vs Identity Confusion

IDENTITY VERSUS IDENTITY CRISIS INTRODUCTION Our group decided to have a case study on a subject who involved in a group called Skinhead. This is a true story of a person that is closely related with one of our group members. He was a 16 years old male student who studied in a vocational school. According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, Skinhead is a young person, usually a man, with a shaved head and often wearing braces and heavy boots, especially Doc Martens. It first appeared in...

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Online Identity

showcase their identity through the expression of their interests, opinions and principles in their profiles or interactions with their online friends when they join communities of their interest or social networking sites like Facebook. Many comment that identity production through digital communities is a vivid representation of identity production in the real world hence equipping one with the skills needed for networking in the real world. On the other hand, others criticize that identity production...

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Family Identity

David and Bar-Tal’s look at collective identity by incorporating a micro and macro level of research. The first level tells us the individual process of identification; which is important with the surrounding society for molding of one. There are many aspects of identification such as cognitive, motivational, and emotional. Macro is the second level it defines collective identity in a diverse way such as, a situation in which people in society identify themselves as collective and they also know...

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Communication and Identity

Communication and Identity Spriggs Kappella University Communication and identity, how do these words come together? Can they work together? In most instances people would say no, but in all actuality they can and do more often than one knows. Depending on which channels you use and in which context, the way you communicate along with your identity will undergo some modifications. Throughout this paper I will discuss what I've learned from Chapter two of Communication in a Changing World by...

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Identity and Belonging

IDENTITY AND BELONGING ‘Knowing where you belong is essential to our sense of identity’ The quest for personal discovery is a journey which every individual must undergo. The development of a sense of self is one of the greatest achievements one can derive from life. Identity is made up of a constellation of characteristics, none more essential than the sense of belonging we feel with others. Humans by nature are social creatures and as such, we all have an instinctual desire for acceptance...

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Music and Identity

Music and Identity In this report, I will expand upon what was spoken in the presentation by providing a more in-depth look at each section I talked about. The presentation was divided into six sections: i) What do we mean by identity? ii) Identity in previous historical periods iii) Identity in contemporary culture iv) How the media constructs our identities v) A case study; MTV and the music video vi) Conclusion What do we mean by identity? Identity refers to the way people see...

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Identity and Nietzsche

place that influences one’s identity. In today’s society many people’s identities are influenced by the actions or conditions of people living around them. Since we are a part of the Technological Era, there are many social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace that have devastating effects on one’s identity. One’s identity is usually not always true. The influences of things and people around could alter someone’s identity. To know someone’s true identity, the objective is to eliminate...

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Individual identity

our own individual identities. But what is individual identity and what is most important in shaping ones individual identity? When we talk about individual identity, we must first understand exactly what this means and the sub categories that make up individual identity. The definition itself is pretty simple. Your individual identity is your own characteristics, values, beliefs, actions and thoughts. It is who you are. There are many different categories of individual identity, like your values...

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Language & Identity

Major Paper 1: Personal Essay on Language and Identity Language partially defines identity, it only defines identity to a certain degree, one’s actions and life choices could also define identity to some extent. I think this is an arguable claim because, truly, language and the way we speak does define us partially at least. Language can never define us completely. I think what really makes my claim arguable is the fact that I chose the middle ground, language may define us but not to a full extent...

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Identity & Belonging

‘Our sense of self is very vulnerable to external pressures’ In everyday life, humans are surrounded with pressures that can influence the formation of their identity. External pressures such as the environment we live in, the culture we belong to and the presence of other people, are often uncontrollable and can have a crucial impact on our sense of self. This idea is explored in great depth in Ray Lawler’s classic Australian play, “The Summer of the Seventeenth Doll”, where it is reflected how...

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it can change, especially identity. There are two types of identities individual and group, individual identity are oneself’s characteristics it is what distinguishes and separates us from other people and group identity is a primary human behaviour to form groups around any observed or imagined difference on both physical and mental characteristics. Good afternoon/morning fellow citizens of Australia, today I am going to discuss how time changes someones sense of identity and shapes who we really...

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Identity Development

1) What is Identity? Identity is by definition- 1. The state of having unique identifying characteristics held by no other person or thing. 2. The individual characteristics by which a person or thing is recognized. Identity by my definition- Identity is the specific personality of an individual and the behavior of a person in response to their surrounding environment. Since identity is what shapes us as individuals, some people search for “their identity” in order to understand their existence...

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Identity and Belongings

Identity and Belonging prompts: There are costs to the individual in belonging to a group. In the modern world, there are obstacles to maintaining personal independence. Exposure to conflicting values can weaken a person's sense of self. The way in which a person matures is influenced by the actions of others. Does belonging always mean compromise? If you don't belong does that necessarily mean that you're isolated? We only ever belong because we believe we do. How do we know who we are...

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'The Declaration' and Identity

“An individual’s sense of identity emerges from the connections made with people, places and the community they interact with” The question of whether or not connections made with people, places and the surrounding community, does in fact shape our identities and in turn helps them emerge is a very complex one. Identities are what give people their own characteristics and uniqueness. Emerge means to become prominent or obvious, and in this case, an emerging identity simply means the development...

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Family and Identity

 Evaluate the claim that personal identity is self- defined Your identity is what makes you who you are and what makes you unique as an individual and different from other people. Identities are not static but dynamic and constantly changing. A personal identity is made up of several different aspects, and can be defined by culture (nationality, religion and gender) as well as family and career.  Your identity is defined by how you see yourself and also by how you are seen by others...

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In The Name Of Identity

 [A. MAALOUF. In the Name of Identity] __________________________________________________________________ 1. What calls Maalouf “murderous identities”? Which are the characteristics used to define them? The concept of identity becomes dangerous when groups place one part of their identity so high in the hierarchy that all other aspects are neglected. The meaning of identity here is that of social identity, which results from our identification with others in social groups according to shared religion...

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Identity and Life

Experiences in life shape and set the way we live life. My experiences have guided me into finding my identity. I discovered my true identity on my my first mission trip to Peru. It was a discovery that I never could have imagined. My one sided view of the way life should be lived took a complete one eighty degree turn. My next few missions trips opened my eyes to a new reality, leading my life to use my identity to help others in their own growth. It was in 2008 when I went on my first mission trip to...

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Belonging and Identity

significantly influenced by the interaction within the family and immediate environment. Through them we learn out true identity and who we belong to, in contrast when involved in foreign or broader community we feel pressured to change our identity in order to be accepted. In modern world, it’s difficult to find a way to belong to a certain group without changing our identity, you are often bombarded with messages of what we should be, as a result we change the real us and became who they want...

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Culture and Identity

CULTURE AND IDENTITY WORD COUNT: 2,241 28/11/13 Introduction Culture, this is a way that an individual attaches themselves to a certain community from which they are from, a way in which an individual is brought up based on what that community believes in; according to theorists culture is “the shared philosophies, ideologies, values, assumptions, beliefs, expectations, attitudes and norms that knit a community together…” Meek (1988, p.457) when considering an organisation, the...

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Identity and Belonging

question often repeated by teenagers, though they may not voice it out loud or use precisely those words. One of the biggest challenges that adolescents face during the transition between childhood and adulthood is this struggle with their own sense of identity. For one thing, it seems to constantly shift: they may act one way with a particular group of peers and completely different with another. Ironically, the opinions of friends and acquaintances become very important at this stage in teenagers lives...

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Loss of Identity

27 2007 Loss of Identity The book, The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway, describes feelings and ideas that Americans had during the boom of the 20's regarding the fear of change or loss in national identity. Loss of morality and increasing fear because of loss of identity during this period has created a general fear of dismemberment of culture and society consequence of the II World War. The Sun Also Rises is a socially loaded book because of the deep social identity problems occurring during...

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Social Identity and National Identity

Social identity and national identity. The social identity approach assumes that social identity depends upon social groups and category membership. Tajfel (1972), for example, described social identity as individual’s awareness of belonging to a group, together with the emotional and evaluative significance of that group membership. The strength of social identity is measured by asking individuals to assess cognitive and affective aspects of their group (for example, Brown, Condor, Mathews, Wade...

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Identity formation, identity crisis in Margaret Atwood's "Surfacing"

There are several ways an identity is formed; having self-knowledge which has been created through one's personal history, experience of childhood and one's membership to a certain society thus defines the person's concept of himself according to the set of norms of the given culture. These characteristics are essential to develop a stable personal identity and when these are complex or problematic the individual has to face struggle in the process of identity construction, so to speak, the person...

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Identity Nd Belonging

Our sense of identity can never be constant Identity and belonging are inter-related; they go like peas in a pod. The groups we choose to belong to and the ways we connect with others help to form our own identity. Together, these issues go to the heart of who we are and how we present ourselves to the world. One human quality that we all share, despite our individual identities, is the need to belong. It is a paradox that we long to be free, to be who we truly are and yet we yearn to belong to...

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Culture, Self and Identity

growing concern with nation and identity amongst Singaporeans since the influx of foreigners triggered social tension in our multi-ethnic society due to sentiments over differences in nationalities and cultures between Singaporeans and foreigners. Alongside the perception that foreigners are taking away job opportunities from Singaporeans, a sense of displacement has been strongly expressed amongst the local populace, exemplifying Singaporeans’ quest for identity and sense of rootedness. Debate...

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International Student Identity

International student identity and its impact to the future Identity is sort of behaviour that can be symbolized by individual or communities by showing how they interact to each other and how they represent their culture of origin. These essay will discuss and analyse some theories of indentity through culture and languange views and then show the reader how these lense might influence international student identity. The structure of essay will be organised as follows; First of all, introduction...

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Oranges and Sunshine Identity Essay

Identity-Oranges and Sunshine Essay ‘An individual’s sense of identity can be affected by many factors’. An individual’s sense of identity is exceptionally complex and is quite significantly influenced by many factors. These distinct factors may be desired and appreciated or unwanted and harmful. Each of these factors has consequences that may either nurture or attenuate one’s sense of self. These notions are predominantly evident in the intensely compelling film, ‘Oranges and Sunshine’, directed...

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Shopping Influence and Identity - Essay

Shopping Influence and Identity Shopping plays an important role in my life besides just shooting a basketball, and going to college. For most shopping isn’t a big deal. Some people spend their time on other things rather than shop. Shopping tells a lot about a person’s identity, choices, style, and personal identity. I love to shop there are a few stores that are favorites when I tend to have a few dollars to spend here and there. Without shopping I don’t know what I will do as much as basketball...

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Identity is Shaped by personal Choices

Identity Shaped by Personal Choices People think that identity can be shaped by different things. Some could argue that identity is shaped more by culture or simply by your personal choices. This essay will discuss how identity is shaped by your personal choices. “To understand identity we must examine the choices we make in our daily lives” (Latterell 11). Some characteristics that are made by your personal choices are the music you choose to listen, your overall appearance like your clothing...

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Relationship Between Work and Identity

aim of this review is to focus on the relationship between paid / unpaid work and the formation of an individual’s personal identity and their general sense of self. The key sociological question I intend to address is ‘How does work shape personal identity?’ However, throughout the course of my research for this literature review two other questions relating to work and identity have arisen; ‘How does occupation/ job status affect self-worth and an individual’s level of self esteem’ and ‘Do individuals...

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Self-Identity and Consumer Behaviour

Self-Identity and Consumer Behavior Curator: Jennifer Escalas Consumer researchers have recognized for a long time that people consume in ways that are consistent with their sense of self (Levy 1959; Sirgy 1982). Important thought leaders in our field have described and documented that consumers use possessions and brands to create their self-identities and communicate these selves to others and to themselves (e.g., Belk 1988; Fournier 1998; McCracken 1989). Although early research tended to focus...

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Concepts of Identity - American Beauty

relating to the concepts of identity. One of these themes is adopting superficial appearances to try and “fit in” with reality. Appearances can be deceiving, that is why one’s identity can be difficult to comprehend. American Beauty conveys images and ideas of adopting a superficial identity to their perception of reality. Carolyn is a real estate agent who believes that the most important aspect in life is being successful. Carolyn has based her extrinsic identity on what she believes, is the...

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Imperfect Identity Essay

Reid’s Imperfect Identity Theory and Theseus’ Ship February 11, 2013 PP111-B Dr. Dwayne Moore Word Count: 1,021 Theseus’ Ship set sail with a cargo of lumber, and each day, Theseus used the lumber to replace parts of the ship. By the time it arrived at its destination, the cargo was empty and all the parts of the ship had been replaced. Was it still the same ship? And if not, at what point did it stop being the same ship? Was it when the first change was made? When Theseus replaced half...

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Literary Devices and Identity

their personal identity. Lila Abu-Lughod is an anthropology professor at New York University. Her piece titled Thinking about Identity, shares her theory on what five factors comprise an individuals identity. She believes they are ethnicity, nationalism, mode of living, gender/family, and religion. An authors writing style is based on their identity, therefore it's based on those five factors. Authors Amy Tan and Mary Gruenewald exemplify this. They both have entirely different identities which are often...

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Problem of Personal Identity

In this paper, I will investigate the "Problem of Personal Identity". The particular scenario I will respond to is: "Suppose that sometime in the future a crazy scientist creates a perfect clone of you. The clone has a qualitatively identical body to yours and has the same memories as you as well as same voice, character, and so on. How would yo convince a court of law that the clone is not really you? What theory of personal identity would help you to make your case" (Rauhut, 2011, p. 125)? First...

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Foucault and the Theories of Power and Identity

Since Foucault other theorists have developed the notions of power and identity, the most notable being Judith Butler. Butler has written extensively on questions of identity politics, gender and sexuality. She is critical of traditional feminists for remaining within the confines of a male/female binary. The subject for Butler is never exactly male or female. In her essay Imitation and Gender Subordination, Butler quotes "identity categories tend to be instruments of regulatory regimes, whether as...

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Identity: Writing and Seventeenth Doll

Issues of Identity and Belonging Posted on May 2, 2014 What is the Context of Exploring Issues of Identity and Belonging? In this Context you will consider many issues related to questions of a sense of self and how we gain the feeling of belonging to a family, group, place or community. You will ask questions like: Who am I? Where do I belong? What things have shaped me into the person I am today? How have they done so? The title of the Context gives equal emphasis to identity and belonging...

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Shping Self Identity

Shaping Self Identity Alicia Williams Everest University March 02, 2013 Shaping Self Identity Self-identity is the way in which we define ourselves and develop who we are. Self-identity is defined as the quality that makes a person or thing different from any other (Merriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary, 2013, p. 1). Self-identity is also referred to as individuality, uniqueness, personality, and even originality. Social surroundings also known as social environment contains the primary...

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Self Identity Shaped by Traditions

 Self Identity Shaped by Traditions The identity of one's self can largely be defined by one's culture and heritage. Family makes up the most part of your culture as well as the place you call home. To fully understand yourself you have to investigate all the cultures you are comprised of through your family and heritage. In “Everyday Use” Alice Walker takes a deeper look at the concept of heritage through the conflicted relationship of Mamma and her two daughters. The story shows was heritage...

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Identity Conflict in Alice in Wonderland

‘Sleep hath its own world,’ and it is often as lifelike the other. It is through the lens of a dream world—a place where anything is possible— that Lewis Carroll showcases Alice’s conflict, both internal and external. Alice’s struggle with her identity in Wonderland parallels the struggle that children face when they reach adolescence. During their formative years, children not only strive to discern who they actually are, they are also mistaken to be someone else by a presumptuous society and...

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Evaluate the Claim That Identity Is Determined by Relationships

the claim that Identity is determined by relationships Essay Plan First Paragraph Introduction Define Identity Quote Changing identities Gender identity Mines (DVD) Second Paragraph New mothers Gous quote Quote pg 254, 269 and 265 Body image Racial – Fanon - 278 Third Paragraph Social psychology Michael Billig – quote 274 National Identity – 212 Freud - quote Fourth Paragraph Conclusion Quote – 252 Erik Erikson Evaluate the claim that Identity is determined by...

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Curse: Having Diverse Ethnic Identity

CURSE: HAVING DIVERSE ETHNIC IDENTITY Multicultural people can be defined as a people who have more than one culture in other words who grew up with more than one cultural identity. A person who grew up with more than one culture is having a mixed ethnic identity. Amin Maloouf, who has mixed ethnic identity, is a Lebanese author, who born in Beirut. His father was from Melikte Greek Catholic community and on the other hand his mother was from Turkey. Also Maalouf (1998) mentions that he has lived...

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Appiah Notes on "Identity, Authenticity, Survival"

acknowledge individuals and what we perceive to be their identities o We have a notion from “ethics of authenticity” that people have the right to be acknowledged publically as what they already really are o We deny people rights when society tells people to hide something about themselves and pretend to be something their not, such as being Jewish or gay. o Discussion on recognition conflicts with the idea of an individuals authenticity and identity. o “If what matters is my individual and authentic...

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Identity and Belonging Context

“Discovering our identity is a challenging journey.” Humanity is born lost. It is only through embarking on a lifelong journey do we even begin to unfurl our identity. As Socrates once said, “the unexamined life is a life not worth living.” Without this journey towards self-discovery our time will leave us feeling hollow and unsatisfied. The human race faces many challenging experiences from absent parents, to the media’s perception of what we should or could be. Each challenge along with our role...

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Self Identity

There are numerous factors that either make up or restrain the self-identity of a person or an individual. Culture, in addition to family traditions, is one of the factors that affect the self-identity of an individual. When growing up, the environment around affect the personality, values, as well as, beliefs of an individual. The environment includes friends, family members, and the people that affect the life of an individual. So, if the environment is negative, then an individual will have low...

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Identity crisis

PSYCHOLOGY PROJECT: IDENTITY CRISIS IN ADOLESCENTS -Anupriya Kukreja XI-F What is “adolescence”? The period following the onset of puberty during which a young person develops from a child into an adult. What is an Identity Crisis? Identity crisis is a situation in which an individual feels misplaced in terms of their personal appearance as well as importance of existence. Such people are always confused as to why they are in this world and what role they should play. Generally the problem...

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Fifth Business: Search for Self Identity

Business: Search for Self Identity In Robertson Davies' novel Fifth Business, the author uses the events that occurred in Deptford as a Canadian Allusion to reveal character identity. Three characters in the novel from Deptford: Boy Staunton, Dunstan Ramsey and Paul Dempster, leave Deptford to embark on a new identity to rid of their horrid past. The three main characters of the novel, all of whom to some extent try to escape their small town background, change their identity to become people of consequence...

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Diversity and Identity Based on Perspective of Nation

Diversity and Identity based on perspective of Nation, Culture, and State The term diversity means the differences in racial or ethnic classifications, age, gender, religion, philosophy, physical abilities, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, gender identity, intelligence, mental health, physical health, genetic attributes, behavior, attractiveness, or other identifying features. Nowadays people seeing the issues of diversity not as a thread, but a reason to respect each other. For example...

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The Representation of Australian Identities Through Images

AUSTRALIAN IDENTITY REPRESENTED IN IMAGES - MATILDA FRY Image 1 Support for flood-affected Queenslanders at the Gabba Support for flood-affected Queenslanders at the Gabba This photograph has been extracted from an article on the news website: “The Australian”. Taken in January 2011, it shows Prime Minister Julia Gillard at the Gabba Sporting ground in Queensland at their first major sporting event since the floods of December 2010. This Image is intended to promote Julia Gillard’s image...

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Social Identity and Social Structures and Culture

Which social processes are more important in shaping individual identity: social structures or culture and socialisation? Social identity relates to how we identify ourselves in relation to others according to what we have in common. Belonging to a group or being a member gives a sense of belonging and worth. One’s social identity could be categorized according to religion, where they are from, their political views, employment or even relationship. They could be unwantedly placed on a person...

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Cultural Identity

conventions and techniques.”1 Cultural identity; “the identity of a group, culture or individual as far as one is influenced by one’s belonging to a group or culture.”2 The epic drama Australia, (2008), by award-winning director Baz Luhrmann, is the second highest grossing film in Australia’s history. Australia is set during the Second World War. A context and time different from ours and therefore one, which allows for an examination of cultural identity and those values, beliefs and attitudes...

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Identity Paper

contexts, influenced by individual and societal forces embedded in culture. (p.9).” This can be shown through the four characteristics of identity. Furthermore, it can be seen how communication has shaped our identity and how one performs their identity. Through communication, whether good or bad, you determine your identity. The four characteristics of identity include reflected appraisals, social comparison, self-fulfilling prophecy and self-concept. The first of these is reflected appraisals...

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Identity and Belonging

‘Our identity is influenced by how others view us.’ Our individual identity is determined by what others think of us but only in part. Our identity is also comprised of inner qualities and outer representations of self. It consists of innumerable defining characteristics that make up the whole of who we are in any given moment. These fragments of ourselves include our sexuality, gender, and sense of belonging to a particular culture, nation, religion, family, or some other group. Our identity includes...

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Society Influences Identity by Jessica Canar

defines who people are and how it influences their identity. I. Experience A. At birth people go through experience. B. Humans learn through conditioning and get the idea of right and wrong which determines identity. C. “we are who we are because of all the experiences that brought us to this point” (Phelps par. 14). II. Media A. Responsible for shaping and influencing identity. B. In Tashlin’s book the bear was told that he was...

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