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Biology 101

By nai0656 Jun 03, 2014 397 Words

Focus Question: How has your individual identity/self-concept*/behaviour been created and influenced by your social relationships and your membership in social groups?

*Self-concept is a term referring to the whole sum of beliefs that people have about themselves

Task: Your assignment is to consider how your individual identity/self concept*/behaviour been created and influenced by your social relationships and your membership in social groups. You will need to consider the impact of family, peer groups, media, crowds, mass behaviour, and prejudice and discrimination on your social identity.

You will use the guiding questions listed below to help your self assessment.

You will present your ideas in a creative visual. Your ideas can be organized in a poster or a collage (large Bristol board), a paper mache or another creative visual representation. Include a one page written analysis of your creative visual, explaining your social self.

1.What defines family? What does your family look like?
2.What has your family taught you that is important to your concept of the world and yourself?

1.How much influence do your peer groups have on you at this point in your life? 2.How do peers/friends influence your behaviour?
3.What are the norms/values/beliefs that your peer/friend group adhere to? What sanctions are used when norms are ignored? Like less stuff, stop inviting them, hanging out. look at them weird…like interests

Media & Gender
1.How much of your identity/self concept is tied to your gender? Give examples hijab, makeup, fashion, trendy, go against beliefs to fit societies 2.How has media helped construct your understanding of gender and gender behaviour? 3.What specific examples of tv/print media/ movies etc have socialized your gender identity?

Crowd Behaviour

1.How has your involvement in different types of crowds influenced your behaviour while you are participating in that crowd? Give specific personal examples. : in restaurants-mall-theatres… adhere to certain manners/etiquettes expected…crowd concerts…

Mass Behaviour
1.Identify a fad or craze that has influence you.

Prejudice and Discrimination
1.In what ways have you experienced prejudice or discrimination? How has it impacted your self concept? How did you try to challenge or fight back against this discrimination? 2.Alternatively, if you have not experienced prejudice or discrimination, can you identify how you may experience unearned societal privilege? How has your “privilege” impacted your experience in society? ---nationality-- --force prejudice--

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