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Factors That Influence Teenagers’ Sexual Behaviors

By naoufalovitche Apr 15, 2013 535 Words
Factors that influence teenagers’ sexual behaviors.

Every human being engages himself in sexual acts from time to time, and for various reasons. Some of the reasons could be to fulfill their sexual desire, or maybe to prove their ability to attract the opposite sex. Sexual hormones begun to develop at a young age, they start working after puberty. Therefore, teenagers are more likely to respond to the change in their hormones. They seek in every way to satisfy their desire and keep up with the change. The change in hormones can be one of the factors that influence teenagers’ sexual behavior; in addition to that we can also include the sexual distraction that appears in images of naked women, and last but not least their want and need to discover their sexual orientation. The first factor that influences teenagers’ sexual behavior is the hormones. According to Psychology in Everyday life, “We have considered some of the research on the biological and psychological aspects of human sexuality” (111). This means that not only does our psychology effect our sexual behavior but also the biology of our bodies. The reproduction of hormones that occurs after reaching puberty makes teenagers subjected to a major sex drive. For example, at the age of 16-17 teenagers tend to talk and think about sex more than a 11 or 12 year old would. A second factor is “Repeatedly viewing images of women being sexually coerced-and seeming to enjoy it-appears to follow a similar path”, according to psychologists David G. Myers (111). With all the technology that teenagers have access to nowadays, it makes it easier for them to be exposed to pictures on the internet and in magazines of women that are half or fully naked, or women that are pressured to be subjected to sexual acts. For example, watching sexually attractive women on TV, and seeing images in magazines can push the sexual drive beyond its limits, and leaves the poor teenagers lost between the want to get those women, and the need to fulfill their desire. And last but not least, the discovery of teenager’s orientations. Based on what psychologist David G. Myers said: “Most of today’s psychologists therefore view sexual orientation as neither willfully chosen nor willfully changed” (112). It is quite difficult to find what people sexual orientation is. It is something that we don’t have control over. Some people takes them time to actually figure out their orientation, and ounce they find out their attraction they can’t change even if the others deny. Also, figuring out someone’s sexual orientation may require sexual intercourse between two people, and this mainly drives teenagers to actually want to try sex. It seems like trying an outfit, in order to find the suitable outfit; we need to try different styles to reach what best suits us. These are just three factors that could influence teenagers’ sexual behavior. There are certainly much more, some of them are obvious and others are hidden. We cannot control teenagers’ behaviors, but we can definitely try to deal with it for their own safety. If we better understand the problem, it makes it easier for us to work with and solve.

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