Factors Affecting Diffusion

Topics: Diffusion, Molecular diffusion, Temperature Pages: 3 (1325 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Factors Affecting Diffusion
How does temperature affect diffusion?
What is Diffusion?
Definition 1:
Diffusion is a process where by molecules move from an area of high concentration area to an area of low concentration. Definition 2:
Diffusion is an evidence for moving particles. The spreading out of a gas is called diffusion and it takes place in haphazard and random way. Gases diffuse because the particles collide with other particles and bounce of in all directions. For example when you smell food it is been diffused with the air because the air has particles of a high concentrated area and the food has molecules of a lower concentrated area therefore these to mix and create diffusion. Factors affecting diffusion:

There are two main factors which affect diffusion:
Temperature: the higher the temperature the faster the rate of diffusion, as there is more kinetic energy. Mass of particles: the lower the mass or relative molecular mass the faster the rate of diffusion. Out of these two factors, I have decided to investigate how temperature affects diffusion Title: How does temperature affect diffusion Aim: To take 6 beakers with water at different temperatures and add food colouring and observe which diffuses the fastest Hypothesis: I think the beaker with the hottest water will diffuse the fastest because the higher the temperature the faster the rate of diffusion, since there is more kinetic energy being added to the molecules.

Independent- temperature of water in a beaker
Dependant – time taken to diffuse
Control- Amount of Food Colouring and amount of water
Apparatus- water (room temperature), 5 beakers, stopwatch, food colouring, Tile, Safety goggles, Bunsen burner, Tongs, Ice, and Thermometer, Tripod stand, cold water, Tile, Dropper, Gauze.

Take ice and put it in a beaker. Add some water 200ml. Make sure that the beaker is at exactly 10 degrees Celsius. Get your stopwatch ready. Next add a measured amount...
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