Facing the Giants

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Facing the giants is a great and wonderful movie. When I first heard the title of the story, something comes into my mind. I think it is all about facing the struggle and hard problems that will encountered in our life. As I watched the movie, I found out is all about Shiloh Christian Academy football coach Grant Taylor (Alex Kendrick) always fail to win a high school  football  championship. Made worse by the decision of their star player to transfer into their rival school the next year. Their first three games of the new season didn't show any improvement, and his trouble with his wife and their house is starting to make him lose his faith. His football players' fathers, blame the lose of the school's football game to him, they believed that these results show that he is not competent enough to make this team win the season. Sooner he realized, that not just only admitting your defeat is the only way, but devoting your life to God and having faith to Him make things easier. With nothing to lose, coach encouraged his underdog team for the last time, that with faith, there is nothing you can't achieve including the winning of a football season even when all hope seems to be lost.

In any problems and challenges in our lives, we know that it is impossible to surpass, that’s why the only way is to believe and have faith in God because WITH GOD NOTHING IS IMPOSIBBLE! He is making a way for us to fulfill success and guide all the trials that we’re encountered. Facing the giants is also a lesson for everyone to learn from trusting God when you feel like your situation is hopeless to honoring your parents.
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