Coach Mullins: The Whole Football Team

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As the football team waits in the locker room waiting to walk down the steps, the whole football team can hear the crowd cheering and we can all hear the music playing, from outside. As Coach Mullins is getting us ready to play, we all think about why we play the game and what it means to be apart of this team. Everyone has different thoughts and different reasons, but we all play the game for one reason, and one reason only, that is to win a state championship. When the coach has finished with his speech, we all stand, walk to the middle of the room, lock hands, and say the Lord's Prayer. It's a Friday Night. We all stand up and walk to the door that leads to the steps, and the crowds have gotten louder because our fans know it's time for us to walk out. We are all ready to walk down the steps and begin the game. Finally, Coach Mullins gives us the call to open the doors. Everyone begins to get butterflies in their stomachs. As the first door is opened, the opposite team is already ahead of our team waiting on us to walk out. We all begin to walk down the stairs, as we all walk down the stairs, we can see our friends and families all cheering for us. They are cheering for us because, they know we are going to play our hearts out and going to do …show more content…
The whole team crowds in the helmet as Coach Mullins begins his speech for us. We can all hear the loud music, our fans, and we can also hear the victory whistle, for when we score a touchdown. We all begin to get more and more ready to run out of the helmet, when the smoke begins to roll out of the front of the helmet. We all know it is almost time to start the game. We have all been waiting for this moment all year, all the blood, sweat, and tears that we have all gave to just be in this moment all comes to mind. All the weights and running as prepared us for this very

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