Extinction of Animal

Topics: Endangered species, Biodiversity, Extinction Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: August 3, 2013
In recent years, the issue as to whether citizens and governments should pay effort on saving the species from disappearance has become a controversial area. In the following essay, I am going to outline the reasons as well as argument for necessity of conducting such campaign. First of all, the environmental degradation is widely recognized as a primary reason. In fact, the deforestation and environment pollution have put creatures on the verge of extinction. Domestic apes in Vietnam, which have die out due to shrinking of tropical trees, could be taken as a particularly salient example of this. Ignoring the impact of human on minimizing the habitat of animals is thereby a grave mistake. Additionally, another factor has added fuel to fire is traditional concept of animals. The blinded belief accounts for the over hunting and the abuse specific animals on conventional therapies. For instance, rhinos in Africa have been killed for horn, selling to the largest market of it – China, where the majority of rich people are willing to spend million dollars to own it for enhancing their health. Considering cultural barriers in preventing endangered animals from extinction is therefore highly recommended. Based on the above mentioned justification, I personally believe that the phenomenon has accumulative influence on human life in the long run. Undeniably, each animal plays important roles in many food chains. Thus, their disappearance could result in the collapse of eco-system or harming the balance environment. Furthermore, in term of economy, it could reduce the appeal to the tourist of biosphere. In reality, the authorities grab attention of visitors through unique animals, and could lose their handsome income if such animals die out. In the nutshell, the major producers for soaring extinction of species are environmental and traditional factors. In my opinion, both civilians and governments are advised to prevent this phenomenon form happening on the behalf in...
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