Explain Ways of Empowering Children and Young Peopl

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Explain ways of empowering children and young people to make positive and informed choices that support their well- being and safety. 6.4

When working with children we need to support them to help keep them safe and help support their own well -being. There are different ways to do this such as helping them to understand boundaries by reinforcing issues when they arise in a positive manner such as taking turns , being patient and no pushing. We must understand that some children take more time than others to complete tasks and that everyone has their own individual ways to complete tasks. If a child has a conflict we must let them resolve their conflict when possible. As an adult working with children we must promote positive relationships, whether it’s child to child, child to adult, adult to adult or adult to child. As part of children’s investigation and playing children should be allowed to risk assess for themselves. Allow children to lead their own activity without guided instructions so they can see what needs to be done and how they can achieve this. We all learn by taking risks so when a child wants to take a risk we must be there to help them and support them. This may be physically such as helping a child come down a climbing frame backwards, being there to catch them or helping them reposition arms and legs. We can verbally support children by encouraging them that they can do what they want to do and how they can do it. Sometimes a child may not be able to do something because of their age or stage, we need to explain this to the child and offer them support in doing what they want to achieve. We must never let a child take a risk that could cause significant harm to themselves or others around them.
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