Communication and Professional Relationships with Children, Young People and Adults

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1. How to interact with and respond to children and young people.


In order to establish respectful and professional relationships with children we must firstly try to remember childrens names and how to pronounce them. A lot of modern names are spelled very differently and I feel it is very important to children that we use them correctly. We have a child in school whose name is ‘Maya’ it is pronounced exactly as it is spelled however she is often called ‘Mia’ ...this is not her name.

It is also important, that we remain approachable and that we listen to all children regardless of how long it may take for them to ‘get to the point’. A parent of a child in Year 4 recently came into school as she was worried that her daughter was being bullied over tuck shop money. I talked to the child and explained that not only was I there to help with her work in class, but also that she could come and talk to me if she was worried about anything at all. The child opened up and the problem was resolved.
We must always allow children to explain themselves and never jump to conclusions. We must try not to interrupt them as it is important for them to be allowed to have their say.

We must also ensure that we treat all children the same, regardless of race, ability, background, religion etc. It is important to remain non judgemental at all times. I work with a wide range of abilities in one class alone, I always make sure that I treat the children exactly the same.


When working with children it is important that we behave appropriately for their stage of development. Very young children may want to sit on our knees or may want a cuddle when they are injured, ill or upset. It is important that we follow the schools policies and procedures for any physical interaction.

We must not shout, we do not want the child to be afraid of us. It would be very easy

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